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Should Bill Clinton Have Been Removed From Office Because Of His Actions?

Bill Clinton was voted not guilty of charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, and malfeasance in office. These all arose because of the Lewinsky scandal and the Paula Jones lawsuit.

Yes, he is a sicko

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No, he is not guilty!

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Not really about him being a sicko. If a man is getting a blowjob, good for him. The whole investigation thing was kind of lame, and really just the work of the Republicans in Senate and House trying to get rid of him. The thing, the man lied under oath and committed crimes just trying to cover this bullshit up. If he came out and told the truth in the beginning, it would have been a lot easier for him. But he tried to cover it up and ended up building it all up on him. Plus, the other shit that got uncovered when under investigation.

So for what ended up happening is why he should have been impeached. But it's not like Nixon, who was being investigated for an actual crime.

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yes because why would somebody do the things that he did during his serve in office it is sick

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iamdavidh(4870) Disputed
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... wait hold on,

did you just ask why a man would get a blow job?

Is it that mysterious to you seriously?

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First, Bill Clinton was not impeached because of his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Second, he was impeached by the House of Representatives because he initially lied to the America about the affair, which was to put him on trial.

Third, in the Senate, they voted against the removal of the President.

Fourth, a impeachment trial is purely a political trial where there are no charges, and he can only be removed as President. If any one of the described crimes in the Constitution are committed, those charges are brought to a court of law.

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1. There's nothing sick about getting a blow job

2. If you were married and got a blow job by someone who wasn't your wife you'd lie too, so who the fuck cares?

3. Unless you're Hilary Clinton, you should mind your own business.

4. The entire investigation was political shenanigans and a waste of tax payer money.

5. This entire debate is childish.

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Bill Clinton is guilty of cheating on his wife, that has little to do with his political capabilities. If anything, he should have been impeached because of what he did in office, rather then what he did with a woman in a hotel.

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Troy8(2431) Disputed
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No, I am asking if he should have been voted guilty of perjury. This then would have been enough to impeach him.

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No, his ability to legislate appropriately is not governed by his physical desires.

Furthermore, we are not privy to the workings of his private relationships...

Also, he was a really solid president...

And finally, it's none of our business.

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There was no reason to remove President Clinton from Office. He was a great President.

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