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It's just a holiday It's more of an unholyday
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Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Halloween was originally called Samhain. It was originally believed to be the time when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is thinnest by the Celts. I have no idea why this ancient holiday is so popular now but it was originally a pagan tradition. Since the modern tradition of halloween is so removed from it's original context, many christians treat the holiday as an excuse for kids to dress up and get candy from strangers. But there are also many christians who call it satanic, and disapprove of the dark and evil things that are often made light of and celebrated on this day.

It's just a holiday

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It's more of an unholyday

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I love Halloween!! Of course the candy company kind of warped the original belief on it but I love the holiday, the decorations, all the cute kiddo's coming to the door to say Trick or Treat, and hopefully this year my own cute kiddo's doing it too so we can start a tradition of "Mommy gets first pick of the candy". ;D

I'm not sure what connection there is to Christianity though, much like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or Father's Day; just because a person is Christian it doesn't mean they can't recognize or celebrate other holidays.

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Hello F:

I'm a guy who LOOKS for reasons to celebrate. I DON'T look for reasons NOT to... If I did, there's a million of 'em..


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I'm totally functioning....kind of....on three hours sleep and still made it to work on time. I think that is cause for celebration! So I'm with you, we should fine reasons to celebrate. Now, where's my ice cream?

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I'm a believer in celebrating any and every holiday so long as you and your family enjoy it. I'm not Irish but we do St Patrick's Day, and I'm not Mexican but we do Cinco de Mayo. And I don't believe for even a milisecond that some mysterious force is watching every move we make and taking note of whether or not we participated in Halloween.

Chill out. Just enjoy some fun with your family.

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Christianity incorporated elements of paganism, such as Halloween, under the early Roman Catholic church. If one truly believes in Christianity then they should abandon the elements of the religion that are pagan in nature (and there are many).

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