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Yes it should. No it shouldn't.
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Should English become a global language?

Some people believe English will become a global language, extinguishing other languages and creating only one language spoken throughout the world. Is it better to have a variety of languages? Is learning multiple languages good for the mind, or would it be better to have only one so communicating is easier?

Yes it should.

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No it shouldn't.

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to say the truth english is more proper to speak and not confusing to learn

| Side: Yes it should.
iamdavidh(4851) Disputed
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How's it more proper? That doesn't even make sense.

And actually English is one of the hardest to learn if you were never exposed to it as a child. If you are going by simplest to learn it would be one of the Romance languages like Spanish or Italian.

| Side: No it shouldn't.
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I think it has become the global language of this world. English is the most popular and widely used language in this world. It is the popular language of communication. Besides it is easy to learn, hence it should become the global language.

Supporting Evidence: Learn English (
| Side: Yes it should.

No, English is not even the most spoken in the world now. It is only third behind Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

1. Chinese

2. Spanish

3. English

4. Bengali

5. Hindi/Urdu

6. Arabic*

7. Portuguese

8. Russian

9. Japanese

10. German

11. French [1] [2] [1] languages.htm [2]

| Side: No it shouldn't.

With English as the sole language throughout the world, I'd have no excuse to brush up on my Spanish and German.

| Side: No it shouldn't.
1 point

English is a very hard language to learn. Many people have been trying to speak it for years and still don't speak it properly. As stated before, it's not even the most widely spoken language.

| Side: No it shouldn't.

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