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Should German teachers be allowed to wear headscarves?

     Germany's population is declining.  Incentives to parents to increase the birth rate have not worked.  Instead, Germany has looked to immigrants to perform many jobs and to keep their economy healthy.  Many of these immigrants have come from Turkey, and many practice Islam.  Germany has made it difficult for these immigrants to become citizens.  Some of the immigrants appreciate having work, but don't want to assimilate into German culture.  Others would like the opportunity to become citizens.  Germans have differing views on how to handle this situation.  One issue which has arisen is whether or not German teachers in public schools should be allowed to wear headscarves.  Some German Muslim teachers want the freedom to practice their religion by wearing a headscarf while also being able to perform their job.   German teachers have been banned from wearing headscarves in eight of Germany's sixteen states.  Should German teachers be allowed to wear headscarves?

Yes, they should.

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No, they should not.

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Germany is a democracy. Article 4 of the German Constitution states that "The undisturbed practice of religion shall be guaranteed." This means that Muslim German teachers have the right to practice their religion by wearing headscarves.

Side: Legal Reason

Let people wear what they want. Schools say they don't want religious items worn, but what if a non-Muslim teacher wanted to wear a headscarve for...let's say fashion reasons? Would this be allowed?

Unless their is a specific dress code that was created before this became an issue there is no legitimate reason for teachers to not be allowed to wear what they want.

Side: Yes, they should.

The tremendous influx of Turks began after WW II in order to rebuild roads, bridges, buildings and homes. The city of Berlin, where I was born, was one of the cities that was in dire need, having been 80% destroyed by the bombings there. Gone were the young men of Berlin and many other cities. The invitation to come to work there was extended and gratefully accepted by this very poor nation. Many who came to work there began to realize that their families would be best served by trying to establish German citizenship and not return to Turkey. Today, the Turkish people that live in Germany are the largest community outside of Turkey. A large majority have gained citizenship and continue to thrive there.

The Turks have assimilated themselves into the German culture very well throughout all these years but remain true to their religious beliefs and retain many of their own customs. It stands to reason that these wonderful people have now built a better life for themselves and participate in German business as well as education and all other areas of life there. Now that they have become a part of the life there they wish to remain true to many of their customs and traditions which include their women not exposing themselves to men outside of their own family by donning the "hijab" in all public places.

I see nothing in the least wrong with this. In what was a primarily a Catholic and Protestant country, the old rules can no longer apply. The people of Islam enjoy the freedom to practice and believe in Allah and with that comes some very ancient Muslim teachings, but ancient or not, this is what they are expected to adhere to and do. Some type of integration in this matter must occur and I believe it falls to the Democratic legislature to review the concerns of these very worthy people who are now part of the German culture and citizenry.

Side: Yes, they should.
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I'm going on this side, but because I'm assuming a couple things.

1. they have no problem with teachers wearing a crucifix.

2. the headscarf doesn't interfere with lessons.

Assuming these two things, they certainly should be able to wear it.

Why they would want to is another thing.

But if I'm missing some piece of the puzzle, like if no religious paraphanalia is allowed in schools, from any religion, then I change my mind.

Side: Yes, they should.
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of course i would be heavily down voted with NO REBUTTAL.

only one explanation, who ever did it KNEW i was right but was angered by the fact i was right.

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Many European countries have fought many religious wars, and Germany is no exception. Germany is trying to uphold the principal of separation of church and state by banning teachers from wearing headscarves in school. Teachers are forbidden from wearing headscarves under the German Civil Service Act. Muslim German teachers have the freedom to practice their religion in private, not in public schools.

Side: Legal Reason
ThePyg(6762) Disputed
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So people should be forced to practice Atheism in public areas?

Why not just let people practice w/e they want and not be forced to do anything. Technically, that is what Separation of Church and State is. No one belief shall dominate the public area.

As long as the teacher isn't forcing children to wear headscarves, there's nothing wrong with it (at least, shouldn't be).

Side: Yes, they should.

I don't know. This is a slippery slope thing. You let one person wear a headscarf and next thing you know it's a trend. We fought hard to see scantily clad women, I'm not about to give that up now. :)

Side: No, they should not.
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I think that might be a distraction. Would they let the Pope where his big hat if he were still in school?

Side: No, they should not.
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If the Pope were still in school, then he wouldn't be the would he?

Side: Yes, they should.
jessald(1915) Disputed
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A big hat is a distraction because you can't see over it. A head scarf is not distracting at all.

Side: Yes, they should.