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 Should Kids Old and Young Be Doing Dangerous Stunts? (5)

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Should Kids Old and Young Be Doing Dangerous Stunts?

Why do you think kids older and younger should or should not do dangerous stunts? 
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It is called insurance. Take advantage of it. Maybe if people worried about themselves and their country then maybe just maybe their would be peace. If a kid wants to do something idiotic let them they will only do it till they get hurt and need medical attention.

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Do you have an example of what you are referring to? Are we talking about stunts in movies, risks we take as kids?

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I'll have to agree with sylynn. What are you referring to in this?

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Do you mean like a white kid taking a walk in a black neighbourhood?

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Better than old people doing stunts. If they have experience and help, then I think they are fully capable of doing so.