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Should Mexico become a U.S. state?


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Considering the vast amount of immigration (both legal and illegal) from Mexico to the U.S. (to escape a corrupt government that works for drug lords, to support their families financial and the pursuit of greater liberty) wouldn't the answer to many, if not all of both country's problems be solved if Mexico was the 51st state?

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I think it should but not right now in a better economy it would get rid of drugs but right now california needs illegal drug sales thats how people are surviving in most states sad to say but predz bush fucked us royally it would actually create more jobs in mexico

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No because well this is my point of veiw.Well i am a mexican but if mexico turns into a state my people lose our flag and we really dont get along with americans because while you get to live in nice good house we live brick well actually stone house its still good.but we envy the americans because we want to live the american dream like you.Some of us are lucky to have Jobs and vist the united states then go back to Mexico but we want to stay in the united states but amercains kick us out with imigration and police men.and some of my people try to cross the border illigaly but die in the desert or imigration shoots us with thier guns while crossing.All im say if Mexico should be a state yes but no because if Mexico was a state will bring our gang voilence here.Then might cause a civil war. I am Americano como tu.

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I don't think it would be an easy thing to do, but it would solve the immigration problem completely. All Mexicans would be American citizens available to partake in the labor market, social programs,political system and pursue the American dream without obstacle. The wouldn't have to leave Mexico. The could stay in their homes and be able to be apart of the great economic prosperity that so many of them "envy" and dream of. Our government and police force would be able to (with time) break up the drug gangs more effectively than the current government is able to do. Mexico would become rich and all its people with it.

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I see the economy as more of a problem here. the U.S is in a recession and adding on another country that is renowned for being poor might not help.

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No, they should stay independent and we dont need to deal with a nation where half of the nation is under control by gangs.

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Why? Because it's close by? I don't think Americans and Mexicans are close enough, politically and socially, to be a unified nation. At least all 50 states share similar ideals- democracy, capitalism, the freedoms of the Constitution, etc.

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Should Mexico become a U.S. State?


Will Mexico become a U.S State?


It is like saying,Should Iraq become a U.S State?

I think that the States have enough problems to deal with and considering mexico to become a part of it would be dumb.

Like another person said, "Mexico was ruled by the gangs", I can say that it would be true. There are even rumors of a future Civil War in Mexico caused by the supposed dishonest presidential elections of the 2012.

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