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Should Pokemon stop now?

it's been 20 years for the big-name-game played by millions worldwide. The number of pokemon has increased almost to the point of irrelevancy... or has it? They still make plenty of money from this, after all. Maybe even with 2,000 pokemon, it doesn't change the face that it's just a good game/show/app/etc. 


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Pokemon GO is a good game for exercise but there are many things wrong with this game. Firstly, people playing this game have discovered dead bodies in areas where they can catch Pokemons. There was a girl in the news who suffered trauma after finding a dead body under a bridge while playing Pokemon GO.... Secondly, thieves have used the "Lure" spell before to lure Pokemons so that Pokemon GO players would go to that area to catch the Pokemons, but to their horror, a group pf thieves await there and steal all their precious belongings. Has Pokemon GO done any good to this world? I dont think so.

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I disagree. It has done good. People are walking in parks, talking to each other, helping each other to play the game. There is friendly competition between who holds a location and who is trying to gain the hold. Yes there is some bad but the majority of it is inspiring and uplifting!

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in my opinion i think we should stop with making new ones and remake the old ones cause all the new ones arent very good i mean pokemon moon was good because it was diffrent then the other if anything they should remake the games give the kids this generation something to play i mean what happend to the old gameboy you have to put in the light to see the screen.

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personally, i think that this game will keep kicking for plenty more years, especially if they go slow like they have been these past two generations. Especially with the new release of pokemon go, it has attracted lots of new (and renewed) fans.

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It already ended with Mew Two. Something else bearing striking resemblance took up the torch and passes itself off as Pokemon, but the well informed know that cotton candy does not a Pokemon make. It's okay because it's got a good source of inspiration, but it should not be confused for the real thing.

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