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Should Religion Be Abolished?


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Not abolished, allowed to disintegrate under scientific knowledge. Any kind of "abolishment" would cause more trouble than wars BETWEEN religions.

Besides, many of the nicest people in this world are religious. Problem is, religions are being taken over (as they have since their beginning), by those who see their chance for control of the masses now slipping away with an awakening of facts that can't be denied. I think they'll be reduced to a few cults by the end of this century .... if we survive them.

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outlaw60(8867) Clarified
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Crazy AL you Leftist want to disintegrate under scientific knowledge the Religion of Islam ?

Why is that when you Leftist defend the Religion of Islam ??????

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Rattbag(25) Disputed
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We don't support Islam specifically. We support an individuals right to choose their beliefs, and to self determine their own lives.

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We defend it because even if we think it is wrong, we can't stop them for beileving what they want. We defend it because it is the human right to do so. I defend any religion because that's what civilized humans beileve in America you have the right to free speech you are a free person to do what ever you feel, even if it is not what you agree with.

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Beastt(43) Disputed
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Attempting to ban religion only makes people feel persecuted and their response is to hold in more tightly, and with less rational thought. Religion should be understood for what it is, and in that way, will eventually become relegated to the realm of myths where it belongs.

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We should allow people to think, say and do whatever they want as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of others.

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How would you abolish beliefs and ideas anyway? It would be a terrible idea, not just for moral reasons, but because it would be extremely impractical. I also agree with what WinstonC said.

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No one will ever be able to terminate religion, it is a belief that you have. Just cause you don't agree with religion does not mean you have to practice it. If it hurts your feelings walk away because it has nothing to do with you.

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I think abolishing religion would be a huge mistake because it is essential for society to function. Fundamentally, religion enables people to form certain values that are benefitial to society. They are taught not to steal, not to murder, to help people in need ... But religion is also something that people hold on to, because it enables them to find rational and logical explanations to questions they have been wondering about since they were kids, such as why we're on Earth. They feel like they have somebody that looks out for them whenever they believe in God, and in the end, it only makes them more optimistic.

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Quantumhead(935) Disputed
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I think abolishing religion would be a huge mistake because it is essential for society to function.

No it isn't. That's quite literally the most stupid thing I've heard all day. I suspected you were yet another bronto sock account. Now I am sure of it. Only he would say something so stupid and overtly false.

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JOMIRO(12) Disputed
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First of all, I would like to say that you just said some incredibly stupid things.

Religion is not necessary for society to function at all, and why would it 'enable' someone to form 'certain values' when they are perfectly capable of doing that by themselves?

Then you say that people can find 'rational and logical' explanations to things like 'why we're on Earth'. That is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. If religion can offer one single solitary explanation that is founded in anything other than fantasy and fairytales I am yet to hear it.

How could anyone who believes in the god you are speaking of possibly feel optimistic when all that allegedly comes from it is nonsense.

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