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The Senate needs more perverts NO! He's clearly insane!
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 The Senate needs more perverts (9)
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Should Roy Moore become a United States Senator?

Even the GOP has turned it's back on Moore.  What do you think?

The Senate needs more perverts

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NO! He's clearly insane!

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1) Alabama wants him there, and he truly represents Alabama,

2) Until Trump is out the Swamp is still taking new memberships,

3) At least the poor girls in Alabama will get a break for a while. And the DC girls are already used to the added attention.

Side: The Senate needs more perverts

Forgive but don't forget. Having a very high sex drive should not be reason to bully you out of becoming a Senator personally I think so. :)

Side: The Senate needs more perverts
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He's clearly a republican - they're famous for sexual deviancy.

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!

Let's see, if he changes Parties, he might actually win the election because Democrats could say he was being attacked for merely being a pedophile, which would make it a hate crime.

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!
Mint_tea(2527) Disputed
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Why? We already know Republicans LOVE guys who admit to touching and kissing women without their permission.

What this guy did (if it's true) is despicable, you should be commenting on that instead of trying to create a red herring fallacy.

Side: The Senate needs more perverts
FromWithin(5471) Disputed
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Democrats started the precident when electing adulterer, multiple accused rapist Bill Clinton. Good little Liberals such as yourself would have trampled over people voting for him.

Hypocrite Liberals like you vote for Politicians keeping the KILLING of healthy viable late term babies legal, and you sit here judging Trump for touching and kissing?


I want you to read over and over the verse in the Bible telling hypocrites to remove the log from their own eye before worrying about the speck in someone elses eye.

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Is there any surprise that he's being defended by a christian pastor? about a black one?

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!
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While I do believe in the innocent until proven guilty mentality, I was listening to Moore a little on Hannity and I couldn't get through the comment when Hannity asked him if he's ever dated girls that young (referring to a girl under 18) and his response is "not generally no, if I did I'm not going to dispute anything....." There was more to the interview but this just make me cast some serious doubt that he is innocent.

I find it hard to believe this man wasn't going after younger girls.

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No. If elected, he should be blocked.

On the question of whether character matters for politicians, Democrats won the debate when they successfully kept a rapist as President for 8 years in the 90's. If being the current political underdog is enough to bring the Democrats back around to demanding decency, then I am all for it. Unfortunately, Republicans realize they lost the debate in the 90's and are now all too happy to employ the same immoral logic they once stood against.

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!

Hes a christian theocrat. His policies are disgusting and he raped a 14 year old girl. No

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!
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If it's true that he is a Pedophile, then he should change Parties because the Democrat Party back in 2009 were trying to include pedophilia on their list of sexual orientations to be protected in their hate crimes BILL. It was coined the "Pedophile Protection Act".

This is the slippery slope I always speak to....

THEY WERE SUPPOSEDLY BORN THAT WAY DON'T YOU KNOW? That will make it supposedly normal even if they don't act on their twisted desires.

All these unnatural groups say they were supposedly born that way and therefore we should all sanction it as the new political correct normal.

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!
Rusticus(280) Disputed
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@ FromWithin-your-insanity -

Your derangement knows no bounds.

Show me where the Employment Non-Discrimination Act protects any person who commits a sex crime of any sort.

You can't.

I'm calling you out. If you can't provide that proof you prove yourself a liar.

Side: NO! He's clearly insane!
FromWithin(5471) Disputed
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It is you that is deranged to say I ever said such a thing. Anyone under the hate crime category enjoy protection from so called phobics if anyone dares say a thing against them.

It's called the political correct thought police. There is nothing in the law saying this, it is the threat of Big brother consequences if a person dares stand up for his freedoms to express his beliefs about protected groups.

Side: The Senate needs more perverts