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Should UK troops pull out of Iraq?

Is it the right time?

Gordon Brown has announced that British troops are to leave Iraq by the end of July next year. Military operations will end by 31 May and the remaining 4,100 service personnel will leave within two months.

Do you agree that the UK should pull out of Iraq? Is it the right time to withdraw troops? Should there be a full public inquiry into the Iraq war?

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Pulling British troops out of Iraq is an extremely hard decision to make. Whilst I am against the war, I understand that the position that we have left Iraq in is critical to the success (what little there was of it) of this war. Pull out too early and you risk leaving the country on the brink of another disaster, or in a position that will allow western hatred to fester and open up the country to accepting another tyrant. Pull out too late and you allow Iraq to become complacent of the fact that they are being secured and (in all sense and purposes) run by the British/US, thus missing the opportunity to allow Iraq to govern itself efficiently.

Personally, I belive that we have come to a situation where there is no more we can do for the country, regardless of what state it will not be left in. Opposition to the occupation is growing, and we must allow Iraq the opportunity to govern itself. Therefore, I believe the decision to pull out early next year is the right one. I hope that the US can follow our lead and pull out soon after, and this looks increasingly likely with Obama now at the helm.

I do also hope that the calls for a full public inquiry will be heeded:

Those who were responsible for the lies and public manipulation in the run up to the Iraq war must be made accountable, and I really hope that figures such as Tony Blair will be implicated by the inquiry.

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I believe Mr. Brown has set a fair timetable for UK troop withdrawal from Iraq. I also believe President Obama will act accordingly. It is high time the new Iraqi government test its wings and be responsible for their own country. I think we all have been responsible far too long as it is...and yes, nothing short of a full inquiry into this war will do. The world needs to know exactly what happened, when it happened and what everyone knew upon entry into this debacle.

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We still have bases in Germany, if i was the UK, I wouldn't want to pull out, seeing as it's not really in either sides best interest.

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No offense but the us is doing alot more to help the Iraqis and No uk have done anything great so yea u guys are our sidekicks :0

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