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Yes, they should. No, unnecessary.
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Should air travellers be advised of the ethnic background of the pilots?

Should air travellers be informed of the ethnic background of the aircraft's pilot(s) in sufficient time to enable them make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with the journey? Alternatively, those booking flights should be able to specify the nationalities and/or the religions of the pilots with whom they do not wish to entrust their safety. As aircraft have to undergo strict mechnical and technical scrutiny, so should all the flight crew be required to undergo intensive psycholigical profiling.

Yes, they should.

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No, unnecessary.

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Though I'm not very sure about the "alps tragedy" but certainly one needs to know the ethnic backgrounds cause you never know what glitches can get int one's head and compel him to drive crazy,causing deliberate harm.This co-pilot in "Germanwings" seems to have deliberately made the accident.

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I don't think ethnicity is effective for profiling pilots. If the pilot of the recent GermanWings 9525 flight was a German Citizen who looked, spoke and acted like any German Citizen, then profiling by ethnicity will probably not render results which would have let anyone know that particular pilot had an issue. The reality is psychological testing is really the best way (but still not great) to determine if someone may be unstable or act in an unstable fashion.

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Not unless if you want to cause unnecessary panic and prejudice. I'm sure there is a thorough check to those who become pilots from the government to determine if they are right for the job. On the alps incident, I can't say much for foreign agencies that handle this. The pilot was German, and not of the usual ethnicity that is commonly associated with terrorism. This looks more like a psychological issue rather than an ethnic one.

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No. That would be racist. No one should care about skin color.

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