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Should child soldiers be given amnesty?

The issue of child soldiers is actually a case being debated at the UN and at Amnesty international, and also by U.S. military tribunals. And the actual question about child soldiers that is be considered is this: Should child soldiers be given amnesty (which means legal forgiveness)? One way to begin to delve into this question is to consider whether, overall, they should be considered victims or perpetrators. 


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Anyone who attacks the dealer over the supplier or child soldier instead of the general is a moron who has no comprehension of big-scale justice.

Noone is gonna snitch if they know they get punished regardless.

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Amnesty - no. But should it be taken into account during any sentencing, possibly even with sentencing knocked down to nothing? Yes.

Let's face it, some really horrible things can be done by children. And indeed there really are some very very bad kids out there. It's not impossible some would truly deserve harsh punishments for crimes committed in their youths. But of course, they should be the exception instead of the rule. There are lots of other kids just doing what they're told or reluctantly going along because they don't know what else to do. Those are the ones I would give little or no sentence to. But hey, they still need what they did assessed. No one should just get a blank slate or pretend nothing happened.

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Lopilulu(286) Disputed
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Only someone who lived a very sheltered life with doting parents could possibly think the child soldiers are the ones to blame.

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Grenache(6106) Disputed
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I did not say the children were the ones to blame. I said guilt in the crime committed is separate from the sentencing provided for the crime and I'd support leniency in sentencing on a case by case basis.

How do you turn that into I was spoiled by doting parents? You can't. That's just wild speculation by someone who never considered there could be a difference between trial and sentencing.

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