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Should children below 18 be allowed to use facebook ?

The hotttest topic these days is, should children be allowed to use facebook or not? What do u support? CHILDREN USING FACEBOOK often face resentment from there parents?Tell us what do you think????

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I don't see why not? I mean, if you've got an irresponsible parent then something bad is going to happen to the child regardless of if they've got a Facebook or not.

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Let the parents decide. If they're mad about it, why do they let their kid have one? It reminds me of the time when parents of obese kids protested McDonalds, but still ate there several times a week.

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wordwizard(61) Clarified
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what do you men by "why do they let them have one?"what one an face book id?

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Social networking is the new form of communication and taking a child who is responsible enough from a social networking site is to condemn them from advancing in ICT, a vital lesson in today's society.

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Yes, I think they should because I don't see anything wrong in that teens have an account on facebook. Moreover, just to say below 18 is a little bit ridiculous because even children younger than 13 use facebook as other social networks. Certainly, it may be harmful for them, but anyway it depends on people, who are friend of these children on facebook. Since if they communicate only with their fellows there, it is not dangerous for them.

They may use facebook, but I think that their parents also should control them not to cause addiction. Generally, it doesn't matter people of what age use facebook because everybody use it differently. I want to say that they just should be careful with friends on facebook.

According to statistics given by Facebook service team, there are 1000000 people, who did not achieved 18 years old. Additionally, according to Leonie Smith, it even may be useful for them because it is also one of the parts of development.

To conclude, it might be considered that teens below 18 may use facebook, but their parents also should not forget to control them.

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At 18? Of course! I'm kind of iffy about people using Facebook in elementary school, but I think by the time someone is 13, they are definitely mature enough to be allowed to do whatever they want online. Facebook doesn't have to cause all the drama that people complain about if you don't want it to; for example, I only have 70 friends, all of whom I know and virtually all of whom I like, and I haven't posted a status in over a year, but I still enjoy it and use it all the time. It's up to the individual, really.

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No matter what, kids are going to make a facebook. It is not that hard to lie about their age. And facebook know that most of it's users are kids, so they aren't going to do something that could cut most of what little profit they have.

If a parent is worried about what their child is exposed to on facebook, they can go to account settings and put some parental controls in. Of course their is the possiblity that the children might reverse those controls, but the parent is responibile for checking in on their kid to see that doesn't happen.

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1 point

Yes because we should be able to have our own free time in school what about inside recess u could go on facebook if u are borad i would atleast so what i am trying to say free country lol just thats why i think it should be allowed in school

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Children between the ages of 13 and 17 should be allowed to join Facebook under the condition the account is created under the Parent who is over 18. By doing this the account is controlled by the parent and the parent becomes responsible for any illicit or activity that is created under the child's account. By holding the parent accountable they run the risk of losing their account on top of getting flagged for future accounts.

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Yes, I think dwarfs of 18'' or less have just as much right to use facebook as anyone else. If however you're referring to an intelligence quotient of 18 then I feel that if such individuals with this level if I.Q, were denied access to facebook it would become desolate.

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I think they should be at least 15 or something but the debate is more on children than on kids less than 18 years old. Children are too irresponsible to use facebook and may give personal details to strangers and maybe then they can use it to do something bad to them.

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OF COURSE NOT you see children when start using facebook then they mostly get addicted to it they waste their time on it and neglect studies.So i strongly attest children using it at such nascent they also get trapped by various spams and viruses.they even add unknown people which trick them in several other ways.They start checking out girls and also flirt with them.They start getting off the track with it.But the main point is when they have telephones or cell phones why do they need to use it then?????? Adults use facebook as their friends r now away from them and facebook acts as a fun ad cheap source to connect with them.But seeing adults they also use it and spoil their lives.So i believe children's parents should also protest against it and restrict its usage....

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1 point

Most children under 18 are not mature yet and so it is unsafe for them to use it. Although it may be a good networking tool to connect and communicate, it may also be abused if misused. An example of this is cyber bullies tend to frequent it a lot as all they need to do is to make sure they do not divulge their real name and it is not easy to trace down the person who made the taunt.

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I cannot say that my position is "Obviously No".

It should be admitted that today children are being taught computer classes since very young age at schools and some teachers encourage them to do a research using "google". Social networks may be good tool for children to learn the world through chatting with friends, finding new interesting people, and furthermore, to develop their writing skills. Of course at the first stage of using the Facebook, parents should prepare a child, explain what is the main purpose of the social network site. Then the responsible child decides himslef what is better for him. No. Each child.

Nevertheless, I do think that at early ages children should spend much time in a real world: play and talk with people in life, looking to their eyes, not to the screen; reading books, walking on a fresh air, developing some hobbies, be close to their parents... . You may think that I am an old-fashioned but I believe that childhood is a beautiful stage of life which the child remembers as a carefree time. Out of computer.

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i think that its not write for children below 18 make thier account on facebook because they dont required and if they want to talk to their friends , they can talk to them in school in a discepline manner and there many strangers who make their account from our friends name and chat with us and that gives us a bad sign

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Firstly I would like to approach illini527 comments, we could leave it down to parent to moderate but in this day an age parent's do not always understand the full issues associated with Social networking and therefore by putting an age restriction would protect all children. You will also on the other spectrum parent who monitor there social networking activities because they let them join a social network from a point of peer preasure. Below I have outlined a few more issues that I see with Social networking for children.

- Although Bullying has always taken place in the Playground we are now finding that bullying is continuing online, where the bullying is inflamed further due to having a large social reach and enabling multiple people to bully individuals. Children should not be aloud to be open to such a medium that allows this.

- Although predatory sex offenders have always existed and unfortunately always will, we believe that social networking sites have enabled grooming behind closed doors and opening up a large forum for them to feed their habits.

- Children do not understand that by miss using Social media they could be breaking the law under the " Improper use of public electronic communications network - Communications Act 2003, section 127.

- We believe that Children do not necessarily have the emotional intelligence to deal with using Social networking in an appropriate manner, and can upload information about them self / photos, that could be stuck on the internet for the rest of there lives due to lack of understanding.

We would ask readers in agreement with us to visit and sign our online petitions.

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No I even know lots of kids that are 12 year olds who lie about there age to get on

| Side: Obviously No

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