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Should computers be banned for two days


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I would actually like it if you quit all unnecessary electronics for two days. Pick the days yourself, seriously.

The only electronics, that I consider necessary, are lights, the oven, refrigerator, freezer and also the air conditioning or radiator, depending on if you live in a cold or hot place.

319 days ago | Side: For
1 point

Should they be banned for 2 days... probably not. Would it be healthier to do so for 2 days? I'm inclined to agree.

318 days ago | Side: For
1 point

Would it be healthier to do so for 2 days?

You wouldnt be able to do much if everybody couldn't use computers for two days. Regulating electricity is done by computers. How would we control our nuclear power plants? It isnt a good idea.

318 days ago | Side: Against
lupusFati(749) Clarified
2 points

Kind of an idiot if you thought I meant for anything other than personal use. I mean, read my other answers. I'm autistic, not stupid.

318 days ago | Side: For
3 points

What would it achieve? There doesn't seem much point too it apart from getting people off of computers but it won't stop them in the long run. They'll still use computers after the two days.

319 days ago | Side: Against
lupusFati(749) Disputed
0 points

Well, there's the possibility a lot of companies out there would lose 2 day's worth of revenue. Other than that, I'm not sure I see the point other than going outside or, gasp, talking to your neighbor.

318 days ago | Side: For
1 point

That "point" you described would not be nessicary for the majority of people. Most people do not spend their entire lives on their computer. Trying to use government action to help a extremely small minority would do greater harm to the personal rights of the majority.

317 days ago | Side: Against

Do you know how much computers actually do? The help keep your electricity on. They help check out your food when you go shopping for groceries. They help manage your money. They run your internet. Shutting them off for two days would leave some very bad effects behind.

318 days ago | Side: Against
2 points

Just shutting down someone's rights? Of course not. We all have the option to turn off our electronics any time we want, but for any force to make us is unjust if not given a proper reason.

319 days ago | Side: Against
lupusFati(749) Disputed
0 points

I don't know that anywhere in the Constitution it says that we 'have the right to bear computers'. Kind of sick of the self-entitlement train of thought, tbh.

318 days ago | Side: For
Quocalimar(6412) Disputed
2 points

We have the right to our property and to do as we wish with it. If our technology is our property then we have the right to become a hermit and use it it to our heart's content, and no government organization can stop us.

317 days ago | Side: Against
Sitara(11099) Clarified
1 point

The 4rth Amendment protects personal security and property rights.

316 days ago | Side: For

That would be a major infringement on our personal rights, not to mention having serious ramifications in the medical and business field. There is absolutely no justification for it.

319 days ago | Side: Against
lupusFati(749) Disputed
0 points

Let's say he means only 'personal' computers, nothing needed to save lives or keep the economy going. In this case, how is it a major infringement upon personal rights? They're not taking away your property, just turning it off for 2 days. They're not infringing upon your right to say anything, they're just turning off one medium for it which really didn't matter anyway. So tell me how it's a 'major' infringement when it's not even covered as a basic human right?

318 days ago | Side: For
1 point

If we would grant the government to make invasive descions like that for us, we would be opening the door for further invasions. There is no reason for the government to restrict our computer use for any given time. It is our own choice to make. While there are time were rights may be required to be sacrificed for the greater good, this is deffinately not one of those times. Computer use may not be a basic human right, but the right to choice how we spend our time (so long as it does not harm others) is.

317 days ago | Side: Against
1 point

That would violate civil rights. People have the right to live freely unless they do something harmful.

316 days ago | Side: Against

I would die since it spoils me!

314 days ago | Side: Against

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