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Should everyone be forced to stay at school until they are 18?


                         School leaving age     Employment age

United States           16                                  14      

Canada                     17                                 14

Australia                  15                                 14.75

England                   16-18                             14

China                        15                                 16

Japan                        15                                15


Worst Case

Fiji                              0                                  12

Please Note some European countries already implement 18 as minimum age such Italy and Germany


YES, go to school

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No, get a job

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Depends. I graduated when I was 17. I was put in school a year earlier than most but I still did all 13 years.

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America is really failing in minimum education. The world is fastly approaching, and China is on the heels of future global dominace.

As we move forward, globalization will increasingly demand more skills and talent, which will consequently demand a stronger labor market, and the supply will be insufficient in America and the world will gladly meet those requirements.

It is already happening around the globe such as China, India, Japan and Brazil.

According to the USA Weekend, 1 out of 3 American high school fail to graduate.

Some Graduation Rates: Nashville 45%, Las Vegas 44%, Detroit 41%, and Milwaukee 41%

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One needs to acquire as much information as possible. The trouble is that most of what is being taught is not what information needs learned. Every boy or girl should have a part-time job as well, starting when they are 15-16 yrs. old. There is always an exception to every rule and it is the job of society to see that these are brought to light when they occur.

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Of course they should! For one, having a basic high school education helps you get into college easier, or at least have some sort of a career that keeps you off of welfare. Plus, if the government allowed any kid to drop out whenever they wanted just because they didn't like school, think of how many kids wouldn't finish school because they don't feel like it. I mean seriously, what kid enjoys going to school? Unless you have a legit reason to drop out of school (such as military drafting or supporting your family) you should stay in. Think of the scholarships! Those who stay in school with high grades can get scholarships that they would have never gotten if they didn't have to go to school.

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everyone is good at something , let them learn what they want to do for a living everyone is not college bound for many reason a lot of jobs can be learn with ojt and there should also be training for different job there are some but a lot less than before the whole point is people should not have to go hunger because they are struggling in school for whatever reason , it should be other ways to teach a person how to learn job skills so everyone can work, the problem in education they have this one size fit all reasoning and that just not true

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yes, i think everyone should be forced to stay at school until they are 18 because what kind of life would someone have if they drop out of school?

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even if a student will drop out of school at 18, they will have at least a decent life because they would have completed high school so they can have a job.

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90% of prison inmates are high school drop outs. Unless you want to go to prison, dont drop out of high school.

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well i have not yet finished school but i think it should be a choice.

People like Alan Sugar it is good to leave school because they know most of what they are being taught and people like me need the best grade possible.

either way i think it should be a choice

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if they leave school they will not find an appropriate job

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We graduate year 12 highschool when we're 17 in Queensland. If you're not working at the age of 17, you're normally doing your first year of University or TAFE (stands for Technical And Further Studies... kind of like a college). I don't see any benefit to forcing people into tertiary studies when they don't require that knowledge in their chosen industry.

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Definitely not.

I view the word 'forced' as something very negative, that there is no other alternative.

There is no point in forcing anyone to be educated if they do not want to. They would be better off earning an income in a job which they enjoy, rather than staying in school and only hating the studious environment more.

Rather than having no alternatives, why not let people make their own decisions? What's right for the majority may not necessarily mean that it's right for some individuals.

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Of course not!

some people are too stupid to learn anything, just strap them to plows and start farming.

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I don't necessarily think that you MUST either stay in school or get a job, but I do think that a mandatory 18 year schooling life isn't fair on the individual. While it may be beneficial, the child involved needs to make their own life choices in order to truly grow into a mature adult, and needs to be able to accept what comes with said life choice.

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NO, some people graduate early.....................................................................

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They oughtn't be forced to remain in school until they are 18 for a number of reasons.

If they graduate sooner.

William James Sidis gave a lecture at Harvard when he was 12 or 13.

If they are so poor that they cannot survive without working

What is an education if you starve to death before it comes to any use?

If they have a health issue

If they've a year to live, why force them to spend that year in school?


If they are incapable of learning do to brain damage, etc. - no point in wasting both their and the teacher's time trying to teach them.

Side: No, get a job