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 Should gym class be required in schools? (19)

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Should gym class be required in schools?

Should students be required to do gym class, for a grade?  Will it really keep them healthier?
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Should gym class be required in schools?

Yes--though, it should be much more comprehensive and less 'dodgeball' playing

NicolasCage(506) Disputed
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I assume you're American so I'm not sure what the curriculum is like there, but in England physical education (P.E.) is more comprehensive. I remember when I was at school, we played dodgeball and other similar "fun" sports at most a few times a year.

xMathFanx(1740) Clarified
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Interesting. Do you know what the curriculum generally consisted of?

Edit: Yes, I am from the US

cruzaders(341) Disputed
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Cmon dodgeball is the greatest game ever, I am serious .

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Actually, you might not have had gym for a while. We play less dodgeball, more obscure sports. And to top it off, our grade is the fitness grand pacer test and some other excersises.

xMathFanx(1740) Disputed
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@American boy

'Dodgeball' is meant to be a generalized stand-in for 'playing around', insert game 'x'.

I am in my mid-twenties, and know people a bit younger than me, so unless things have significantly changed in the last several years, then my point remains valid.

Edit: I have also had 'Gym Class' in College; which is typically more concentrated

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My school was a little different. There was comprehensive learning including anatomy, nutrition and exercising methods with occasional recreational interspersed....which we all looked forward to, dodgeball included.

Should gym class be required in schools?

Yes, gym class should be required. However, two things:

1. It shouldn't be graded unless there are frequent learning targets and written assignments/tests.

2. Kids should be able to go outside more as they are cooped up in a few classrooms for several hours every school day.

SnowflakeFly(13) Disputed
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Gym class is discriminatory towards fat kids who can't help it.

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Gym class is discriminatory towards fat kids who can't help it.

How's it discriminatory? Just because your fat, doesn't mean you have to stay fat. There isn't some "fat gene" that fat kids just happen to be born with. And, even if you're born with a slow metabolism, you can still lose weight if you actually try.

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Yes but only as a pass/fail, and pass should basically just require a real attempt at participation.

Kids need exercise, need knowledge about exercise, and need cultural knowledge about some of the games and activities done in gym class. But what they do NOT need is:

1) Someone's GPA wrecked just because a gym teacher doesn't think s/he kissed his @ss enough or simply wasn't another jock he could use on his sports teams, and

2) Someone's grade in some other class wrecked just because they're expected to play balls to the wall dodge ball up until the minute they're going to walk into the next classroom to take the biggest test of their semester, and

3) To see a teacher NOT from gym lose their job because when the district goes to make cuts they somehow have an edict that they simply can't be without a gym teacher so hey might as well cut an academic teacher instead.

Basically, gym has value, but it's not more important than any other part of the academic experience, and most of us knew at least one gym teacher who had as many negative impacts as positive ones and never understood why that was the priority and they could get away with it.

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Hello C:

Yes, and music too.