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Should holiday decorations be displayed on government property?


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Sure! So long as people agree and I'd like to see other holidays like Hanukkah or Yule or Kwanzaa. I think it'd be beautiful to see such wonderful decorations and celebrations from so many cultures for everyone to see.

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Governments should be able to display religious holiday decorations on their property exclusively in example of liberty, freedom of religion, and in the circumstances that adhere to the establishment clause.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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Absolutely, as long as they're willing to display decorations from everybody's point of view...though the Satanists really do have some pretty shitty displays.

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FromWithin(6482) Clarified
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Just to clarify when you say Government and their property.

It's the people's property and the people make up the Government.

We have the freedom to display whatever we want on our own land. The people in each community will decide for themselves.

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This is how the Left is transfroming America. The first Amendments states.......

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

So what did the Left do to censor our community's freedoms of religious expression in this nation? First they had to twist the meaning of the First Amendment to suggest we should separate any religious expression from public places (the exact opposite of it's intent).

They used the phrase "Separation of Church and State", written in a letter, NOT THE CONSTITUTION!

They then twisted the meaning of even those words by saying it meant we should separate the very sight of religious symbols form public! TALK ABOUT A COMPLETE LIE!

Where the Amendments states that our Government shall make no law establishing a religion, the Left twisted this statement to mean Government should censor religious expression on pubic land rather than allowing every community to decide for themselves if they wanted to display religious symbols such as nativity scenes.

I ask you, is our big Federal Government trying to force communities to display religious symbols in order to establish a reigion? NO! Freedom of religious expression means just that.... the freedom to display, OR NOT DISPLAY, symbols celebrating our religious holidays.


Is that small community Government forcing it's religion on you? NO, they are reflecting the majority of voters in their community to decide for themselves if they would like to display symbols or not display symbols. THE PEOPLE DECIDE!

The next thing the Left does is fear monger. To establish their humanistic atheistic Government in all of America, & censor the freedom of religious expression they are so biggoted against, they say if we allow the freedom of expression in a community to display a nativity scene during Christmas, our communities will start choosing to display Pagen cultish symbols supporting the sacrifice of children at the alter.

They would have you believe we might start having communities controlled by Muslims who are beheading Gays and raping women, if we allow nativity scenes during Christmas.

If a communtiy had a majority of Jewish people, the voters mIght decide to display a symbol for Hanukkah. THE HORRORS OF ALLOWING SUCH FREEDOMS OF EXPRESSION! WE MUST CENSOR EVERYTHING THAT MIGHT OFFEND THE ONE!


Now let's see the absolute hypocrisy of these political correct bigots. The same people afraid Americans might be offended when seeing a religious symbol on public land during holdays, are trying to FORCE every public school to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms!

Where's their concerns for all the parents offended by such a Big Government establishment of Transgenderism?

You can't make this stuff up, it's too unbelievable.

The Left did the same thing with abortion. They twisted the Constitution's privacy clauses to include the privacy of a woman to kill her unborn baby. UNBELIEVABLE!

Th Left just twisted the Consituton once more by FORCING every State to change their marrige laws for groups who claim it is an equal right's issue.

I wonder when every State will be forced to allow men having 30 wives?

Yes, lets allow the revision of our Constitution to state that we the people now include over 60 separate Genders. These are the modern times don't you know? Get on board the transformtion train and we can create an entire new political correct nation.

When you start allowing radical Leftwing politicans the ability to revise the Constitution, in order to censor religious expression so as to reflect modern humanistic concerns, then the very freedoms of religious expression, GUARANTEED IN THE CONSTITUTION, are no longer allowed. The Left will have won their battle of transfroming America.

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Yes. Because

a) If it is a major holiday in America, then it is really not specific to any religion or group

and won't be offensive.

b) Just to rub it in the face of Mr. Muslim I-can't-celebrate-Christmas Obama. Seriously, the 2016 White House Christmas card was a picture of the Obama family and the caption "HAPPY HOLIDAYS".

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