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Should it be illegal to put animals to sleep?

Should it be illegal to put animals to sleep?


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alright so i have noticed many animals being put down because they are sick and you wouldn't wont them to suffer any longer but if there was some kinda cure or way to help them would you really give that up easy and put your pet to sleep? if my dog was sick dang it i would work my ass of just trying to help the poor little guy!he would mean the world to me and he/she would fell the same way but if you really give up all hope then just go ahead no ones gonna stop you just remember that that thing your putting down is you friend so why not just give your pet a chance and help him/her just like how your trying to fight cures for other people do the same thing if you know that you really love your pet! :)

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People arnt put down are they so why should animals be???????????

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Cuaroc(5429) Disputed
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If you wouldn't put a human to "sleep"

humans do get put down it's called the death penalty.

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Emperor(1339) Disputed
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If a dog bites someone, what do you do?

If it bites an adult, you should be able to punish it so it doesn't do it again, but if it maims a child, then what?

If my animal did that to someone, I would be devastated, and I wouldn't want to put it down.

I suppose I would put up one of those electric shock collar fences and simply watch my dog carefully.

If it killed someone, perhaps it'd have to be put down though.

This is a tough subject, but I think you need to look at each case by itself. If a dog is normally peaceful, perhaps it was only having a bad day. If a dog is always aggressive, always snarling, and finally it attacks, perhaps it should be put down.

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4 points

Yes if we did'nt put animals to sleep they would have to live longer through pain. So unless this isn't just a dumb joke,please try something else like I don't know,try making a debate that actually has a meaning for a change?

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3 points

I think both animals, including human should have the right to die if they're in pain.

However, for me personally, I would want to put my pet animal to sleep myself. I would feel more honorable if I had to take the guilt of it.

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2 points

When an animal is so ill it is no happy it is a kindness putting them to sleep but a healthy animal should not be put to sleep just because of their breed etc (in the UK the Dangerous Dogs act meens a Pit Bull can be killed just because their a Pit Bull which is just plain wrong)

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2 points

Which animals?

Personally I find places like puppy mills disgusting. I'd only get a dog or cat from a pound.

That said though, so long as we slaughter animals for food, I'm not going to be so hypocritical as to judge. Permanent sleep after a relatively painless shot is easy, living in a confined space waiting to be bought for life is hard. I'm against the second part more than the first by a long shot.

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I am troubled by this one. If you say is it ok to put a human to sleep (euthanasia), everyone would say absolutely not! Right? So why would this not apply to animals? Well, here is why. Animals aren't your parents, neighbors or anything like it. They may be your friends, loved, and all that, but when you parents lose their faculties, you care. When your animals lose their faculties, you put them to sleep. Should it be this way? I don't know, but it is!

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I dont think it should because if there's an animal with a disease that isn't treatable woul you want it to continue in pain? Sure im against putting it asleep if it only attacked someone, I mean like people attack other people all the time. But do they get put to sleep? No just some jail time. If it does attack someone it should get a shock collar and get re-trained. Maybe take it to the vet to make sue it isn't some sort of medical problem that is making the animal ferocious.

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Say a dog had eaten someone (purely theoretical), would you say that it deserved to live. This debate ties in with others, such as: Should Euthenasia be Legal? Do_Animals_have_Rights_3 Do animals have rights?

I think that the outcomes of these debates point to the fact that people should be able to do this to animals. Do animals have rights? is a debate the concludes animals' rights are dictated by us (humans). Therefore if we choose that we can put them to sleep, we can put them to sleep.

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1 point

I put snails to sleep all the time. Do you want to illegalise that?

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1 point

i would rather put an animal to sleep than see it suffer. it is better to just end the suffering, then have the animal live through it.

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1 point

Then it should be illegal to imprison humans (just imprisoning them is wrong anyway, they must do something useful while having everything delivered to them). If an animal acts violently and manages to seriously hurt or even kill a human, or kills domesticated animals, then that animal will be killed.

Honestly, let's not lie, killing is killing, not putting to sleep. As you all know (should know at least), parents put their children to sleep, every night till it is no longer needed.

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Old, starving, and suffering animals should be put out of their misery with the least suffering possible.

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