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Should kids HAVE to go to school?

School helps us learn and grow... but should we be allowed to never go?


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School teaches you how to read, write, and other basic skills. And along the way, you learn how to socialise with other people, which helps a lot in society. And that's where most people make friends. Without school, it would be a lot harder to make or find friends. School does need an educational reform, but letting children not go, would be morally wrong.

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Yes, provided the institute of learning is a good one. There is only so much a school can do so to solely rely on school for education isn't a good option either. Study and experience are both equally important.

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Humans are a social species and a full half of the reason why its kids have to go to school is to learn how to properly participate in society. The exposure they get staying home and interacting only with their own families and immediate circle is a mere tiny fraction of what awaits them when they step out into society as an adult.

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HannahLlama(83) Disputed
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Yes, but what will happen to them as adults if the kids choose to not go to school? What kind of life will they have?

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Grenache(6104) Clarified
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Just looks like my answer belonged in the other column...............................

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