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Parents pay for kids phone Kids pay for their own phone
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Should kids have to buy their own phone or should their parents pay for it?

Let your voice be heard.State exactly what you feel like about this subject.

Parents pay for kids phone

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Kids pay for their own phone

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It makes a good birthday or Christmas present. Most teens don't receive enough pocket money to afford one themselves. However if a kid of mine told me I SHOULD buy them anything, then I'd absolutely make them buy it themselves to teach them not to be such a spoilt brat.

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Why must the kids have the cell phone? I think in the beginning IF the parents want to get the kid one as a present or means of contact, that's fine. They can control if the child can use it or not based on grades and so on but it by no means a right. If the kid is desperate for their own phone and the parents are adamant that they don't have one there isn't too much recourse for the kid. Parents house, parents rules.

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They child should get a phone after they have proven themselves responsible enough to own a phone.

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They shouldn't even get a phone in the first place until they are out on their own and want to buy one.

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If you are a parent in today's culture that simply wants to get the kids out of your hair, and swallows the ludicrous notion that our children run the show, then by all means give in to your children and give them anything they want.

If on the other hand you truly care for your child's well being, and doing your best to protect them from all the dangers out there (sex, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol), then SAY NO to the cell phone until they are responsible and mature enough to handle it.

Do you want your child living on their phone? Do you want them constantly living other children's problems, being influenced by constant peer pressure, children you have never met.

It's hard being a good parent in today's anything goes culture, but you must say no to things you know are bad for your children no matter how many times the spoiled child says they hate you. Don't fall for their temper tantrums.

When they say they hate you, discipline them! Take away that computer, that car, whatever they love the most. IT WORKS!

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