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Should men and women have to meet different fitness levels for a job?

For certain jobs (e.g. military and police) candidates need to meet a certain fitness level. In many cases these requirements are different for men and women, for example in the British military, Canadian military and Australian police.

Does it make sense that a man at a greater fitness level than that of a passing woman is rejected by the recruiter due to their fitness level?

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It really depends on how much the job relies on physical fitness. If fitness is necessary but not the greatest priority, you may want the best woman compared to other women. In these cases, separate standards make sense.

If physical fitness is a high priority necessity, then the standards must be equal and high. If this excludes a large percent of a given population, then that is simply what the reason situation demands.

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Fitness levels are assessed in the recruitment process for certain jobs for the reason that a high physical fitness is required to perform these jobs well. It makes no sense that the level of fitness that physically doing the job demands would change based on sex.

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No. One standard needs set for whatever is the minimum capability necessary to properly perform the job and then that standard should apply to everyone. There will be both women and men who fail to be good enough to meet the standard, but all the rest who do should be eligible regardless of gender.

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