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Should plea bargains be abolished in order for a lesser offence?


A plea bargain is to obtain a lesser sentence by pleading guilty to an offence less grave than the worst one with which one is charged. Plea bargaining is now the pre-eminent method of case disposal in the USA.




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Plea bargaining is compromizing. Compromizing when it comes to justice is wrong and must be abolished.


You basically have 2 scenarios:

1 - The suspect has overwhelming evidence against him/her and will likely be convicted in court.

2 - There's no real evidence against the suspect.


In 1, the cops may want enter a plea bargain to save time and money in court and/or obtain info for another conviction. Saving time & money for a lesser charge is betraying the public and the victims of the crime, so it shouldn't be done. Getting evidence for another conviction is easily done with torture, so no need for plea bargain if we practice & refine the art of torture.


In 2, the criminal may want the cops to stop snooping around because they might find more incriminating evidence against him/her, so he/she entices the cops to enter a plea bargain for a lesser charge and escape the real charge. Firstly it's wrong to convict someone of a crime they didn't commit, whether it's less or more. Secondly, it encourages people in the system to "play" the system, which is never a good thing.

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If someone was to be on trial for murder and they made a plea bargain... just say it was a family member of yours. Would you want to see him get only 10 years in prison for murder. Most people to not know what it is like until it happens to them and if it did your mind would change about it!!!!

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At least the criminal is off the streets for a period of time with a plea bargain. if it goes before a judge they may walk that day (maybe not) but a plea bargain is a conviction.

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Plea bargains save an extremely high amount of time and money.

One of the 'partners in crime' may be willing to give out information which will convict his partner in exchange for a lesser punishment - is that not better than letting the other go free?

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There is a lot of things that go to waste where money could have be saved.

Plea bargaining is soft on crime. It means people aren’t properly punished for crimes they’ve committed. A sentence should be a sentence: the fact that the guilty admit they’re guilty doesn’t change their guilt in anyway. Both approaches reward the career criminal who is happy to ‘play the system’ and it results in sentences that are far more lenient than the perpetrators deserve.

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TERMINATOR(6718) Disputed
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But it guarantees a sentence. If they brought everything to trial, is there always enough evidence for a conviction? The jury might acquit - then the criminal escapes. And, as I said, if he had a 'partner,' then so would s/he.

Also, remember the time it takes for a trial. A plea bargain can take minutes; a trial can take months, even years. The courts are already bogged down enough.

For instance, in Canada there were a duo of rapists: Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. He committed a number of rapes with her help - one, as I recall, resulted in death. Karla Homolka's testimony put Bernardo in jail - in exchange she got about 15 years. They said that had she not taken the plea bargain, she still would have gotten the same amount of time but they may not have convicted Bernardo.

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As terminator already stated "it saves a lot of time and money." If someone offered me a lesser offense for ratting someone out or just ratting myself out, then I would take it.

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TERMINATOR(6718) Disputed
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It's TERMINATOR - all capitals.

And no, I wouldn't rat myself out because I no about hiding forensic evidence and other means to avoid capture. If I got caught, I'd continue with the trial and, with my lawyer, find 'loopholes' from which to rescue myself. On the other hand, maybe I'd go Law Abiding Citizen and take down the system.


Sorry, I meant to support you.

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Most criminal cases in this country don't even go to court. Why? Because a huge percentage of them are resolved in the plea bargaining stage of the process. Trials are very expensive. Therefore: by using the plea bargain system we cut back on the number of trials which in turns cuts down on cost. This means that we save a lot of resources by using the plea bargain system. These resources can then be spent on better things such as preventing crime in the first place and stuff like that.

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