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No let the guys have their fun Yes arrest all who look at it
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Should pornography be banned?

The Conservatives are trying to ban porn & make it illegal.

That means all the millions of young men who look at it will be arrested.

Do all these young desperate men deserve to be put in prison for looking at a naked girl?

No let the guys have their fun

Side Score: 22

Yes arrest all who look at it

Side Score: 5

You can try and ban pornography but you wont be successful in preventing it anymore than prohibition and the war on drugs.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun

yeah banning it will only increase the prison population by millions.

they've already banned -18 porn & I bet thousands of guys have been arrested for that.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

which Conservatives are trying to ban it?

I mean, ones who are still alive... that shit happened in the early 20th Century... no one actually cares now.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun

well the new present day conservatives. the republicans.

I've met alot of conservatives who want porn banned.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
ThePyg(6751) Disputed
1 point

what are their names. what lobby are they part of? are they actually politicians or just a radical christian group?

| Side: No let the guys have their fun

Never going to happen. There is nothing obscene about the human body. The same people who would do this are the same moral extremists who would put drapery over nude sculptures.

I would tell them to grow up and stop being afraid of their own inhibitions.

PS- Porn is not just for guys.

| Side: Porn is not bad

EXACTLY! it is only natural for someone to be naked.

& the conservative christians act like it is the worst thing in the world.

I've talked to some anti-porn nutheads & they say it causes guys to rape & kill innocent women.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

It should be fairly obvious to any species that understands the concept of sex that pornography fulfills the sex drive, thereby making rape less common

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

Yeah, the porn being the prime cause of rape is going a little far...(the only people who would be lead to that conclusion would be people with weak minds or mental problems). Its only natural to be interested in nudity and sexual activity, and "releasing" is natural too, if men don't release, they get wet dreams and release anyway when there's too much semen, which pretty much destroys the rule in the Bible that states that you can't spill your seed, because men have no choice anyway. However, some fetishes go reallllly too far, where i could understand you would be worried. But with most porn? No, it shouldn't be a problem. No one's forced to watch it, and anyone who wants can watch it. That's a part of being a free country, or at least a free "internet" in most countries.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

.....................................................................Sense Fuckorship...............................................................

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

I have so many comments about this, We all know there's porn for women out there, it just gets less attention, alright, we know about it, so get off the soapbox. The reason married men watch it is because everyone expects them to stay faithful, therefore they're sex life just becomes another cycle, so if you're partner's doing it, you need to get some new moves, you're getting stale, yes, even sex gets stale. Finally, it's only a problem if you make it a problem.

| Side: Porn is not bad
2 points

I think this is the wrong question. It is unrealistic to think that pornography should be banned. It has grown too big to ban. Not only would millions be put in jail, but millions would be out of a job. I do think porn is bad though. Nudity is not, but degrading the human body to just an object for sex is not a good thing. I don't see how you can think an industry that fuels sex trafficking and disrespecting women is a good thing. It also makes mens' view of beauty so jacked up. Beauty is not perfection. Also, stop stereotyping Christians. The opinions posted here about how Christians view this topic are pretty narrow and closed minded.

| Side: Yes arrest all who look at it
unknownplace(28) Disputed
2 points

Studies have actually shown that men find more women attractive in relation to the number that women find men attractive. What this implies is that regardless of pornography being around, the standards for how men look are higher than how women look. So your argument about how men expect more, while in theory seems sound, is actually flawed. Men don't expect a woman with huge boobs, but would just like one; similarly, women would much prefer a good-looking guy who takes care of himself rather than someone who look like he hasn't gotten off of the couch for three years. I'm not going to argue about stereotyping Christians, I thought that was pretty fair. I don't think you can deny, though, that some people do have very extreme conservative views.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

Well the conservative moral extremists do want it to be banned.

& aparrently you do too.

not all porn is disrespecting their bodies. it's just showing what they look like without their clothes.

I've seen some porn that is bad, sick, & disturbing. I don't support that kind.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
2 points

If you believe in a God, just remember that hes watching your every moment. Would you look at porn with your parents in the room and jack off? (unless your a sick person)

Another point is porn is addictive and just like any other drug it should be banned. Before marijuana was made illegal, lots of people smoked it. We all have to start somewhere and that's now.

I'm a straight guy and i believe it should be banned. Cleaned off the internet, its fine to allow it to be bought but not on the web. Children see that and get the wrong ideas to soon. Lets be a clean and mature adults and clean up the future for our children.

| Side: Yes arrest all who look at it
2 points

I'm a secularist.

arresting people for looking at it will highly increase the prison population.

| Side: No let the guys have their fun
1 point

Although I think arresting all who look at them is neither necessary nor efficient, I believe that some legislation must be made regarding this issue. A long-term exposure to pornographic films including episodes of rape can result in desentization of our perception of how serious the crime is. Now that might increase the number of vulnerable women being raped.

| Side: Yes arrest all who look at it

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