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Should potty-training children be allowed to run around naked?

My next-door neighbor lets her toddler daughter run around in the yard naked. When I pointed it out, she said that her kid is in potty-training, and I should mind my own business!


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Yes, but not after the age of eighteen.


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NO. Because, this is not China, where children are allowed to poop and pee all over the streets. Imagine stepping in a pile of human poop…Ouch!

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DevinSeay(1122) Clarified
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Wait, let me get this straight. A child goes around actually dumping and urinating in the street?

Someone needs to call CPS.

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Inside the house, sure. But I wouldn't want my kid running around outside naked. To me it's just demeaning to her. Sure she, or he, doesn't realize it and it's probably very freeing but I don't want some lecher setting his sights on my kid. Also, it's more respectful to the neighbors who probably wouldn't feel comfortable seeing a naked child that isn't theirs, running around.

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Not outdoors in sight of nearby neighbors.

It's fine (and actually a normal part of potty training) inside their own house. And if the house was mostly rural or had a fairly private backyard then I could see reasons it might also happen outside. But clearly in the scenario you present it's happening right in front of you.

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