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Should pregnant schoolgirls be allowed to continue education or they shouldn't?

One of the bigest problems is a teenage pregnancy. Many of single mothers are yonger than 16 and are school pupils. This fact leads to a guestion about their education. Should these mothers despite to all factors continue education of spend their time for their children? If they will continue deucation, should schools make some social benefits for them?

Yes, they should continue

Side Score: 14

No, they should be thrown out

Side Score: 3
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Yes, they should be able to continue their education so they can get a job to earn a living to support the baby they are going to have.

| Side: Yes, they should continue
2 points

Yes they should be able to continue their education if they have some other person to take care of their children. In most cities they have adult education classes they can take from home.

| Side: Yes, they should continue
1 point

I think that they should no, must continue education! in my point of view a educations is the foundation of successful future life. All we are people and make mistakes, however all of us have a second chance.

| Side: Yes, they should continue
1 point

Well, considering they got pregnant as a school girl, then yes, they need an education.

| Side: Yes, they should continue
1 point

Not going to school may have come from the time period when women were not working. Now days, career women have to juggle a lot more in life. I think it would be a great idea if these young ladies are allowed to complete their education. By removing them from the education system, you are adding to the emotional and physical challenges that they are going through.

| Side: Yes, they should continue
1 point

they have the same right which have another girls in school and why they cannot study at school. Because education is very important nowadays and even they are pregnant they should continue. Without education they will not have great future...

| Side: Yes, they should continue
1 point

yes i think they should! they might be pregnant but they still have a brain so why deprive them from education? what right so you have to deprive a human of education! and plus..whether she is pregnant or not she is capable of consuming a normal amount of information thus nothing is wrong with her and she is normal! 0.o

| Side: Yes, they should continue
1 point

should male teachers who are impregnating learners be allowed to work while the learner leaves school?

| Side: Yes, they should continue
tiffany10019(2) Disputed
1 point

no thats so messed up in so many ways why should she have to leave when they both did the same thing tht just makes woman feel worse bout themselve

| Side: No, they should be thrown out
1 point

yes they should be able toattend school so that theycan make a better life for themand there baby. you cant change what has happened but all school talk bout is how education is essential sowhy are they tryingso hard t take it away from woman cause if u notice the father of these children are not being icked out only the mothers and last time i checked it takes 2 people to have a child the natural way

| Side: Yes, they should continue

Every woman changes after pregnancy and motherhood. Especially "teenage" mothers will not be able to study effectively anymore, because they will spent days and nights looking after a child. This will lead to decreasing attention in classes or on exams.

| Side: No, they should be thrown out
Liber(1718) Disputed
3 points

Allegedly decreased attention does not mean that they can not actively compete with fellow students and achieve potentially high marks. They may have a child to take care of, but they ought also be allowed to take care of their minds, and of the future which will rely a great deal on completing high school and getting a job for the care of the child.

| Side: Yes, they should continue
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by giving punishmet to the students who pregnant,it can make they realize about the mistake that they have made.and then,it can create better personality,so it will influence the other students to keep theirselves,well.

althought.they can"t study at school,they can continue their education by following home schooling,etc....

| Side: No, they should be thrown out

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