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Should proven rapists get the death penalty?

I am undecided.


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I'd say yes only in the case that they clearly will not be rehabilitated. Repeat rapists, ect, ect. Life in prison is generally a waste of money... Although often enough people do get released from prison after being proven innocent after many years.

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I dont think the death penalty is justified no matter what the crime

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Sitar(3683) Clarified
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A 53 year old man rapes a baby to death. What should the punishment be?

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shoutoutloud(4182) Clarified
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rehabilitation in prison .

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“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind” - Ghandi. We should forgive not avenge. It is super hypocritical. And if you want rapists to get bad treatment then putting them in prison is actually what you want especially with the example you brought up. Child rapists are treated very badly by the other inmates.

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LichPotato(362) Disputed
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Punishing someone for deliberately and maliciously violating another person, with a high chance of ruining (or ending) their life, is hypocritical? Sure, we all make mistakes, but rape is not a mistake.

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Hearty(31) Disputed
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I don't understand your argument. How is it not hypocritical to tell people not to harm others and then harm them (and their family, mind you). And if you want them truely punished then put them in jail.

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Death penalty? Are you daft? They should not even get punished. The blokes should get thanked by the woman, since rape is the most popular sex fantasy by women. What women feel bad about after getting raped is that they orgasmed. They feel guilty and project it in the rapist as anger. This bird I know back in Chelsea who was raped after a football match a couple years back says she can only come now when having sex with hubby if she fantasizes about the rape while he shags her. Or she makes him pretend he's raping her.

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What comes out of killing someone? Nothing but sadness for them, their friends and family, even in the case of rape. Killing criminals sends a bad message to the public, especially to the youth. It shows that harming another life is justified. Rehabilitation is a much more reasonable and less harmful approach.

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And i presume you haven't considered the other side, where women rape males.

3Months ago a 17yrs old girl was arrested for raping a boy at knife point. How about that?

Do you suggest she should be put to death too? Or you're reconsidering the punishment due to the gender of of the prey(lol).

Men get raped and they are like Bravo!!

Women get raped and will talk about it for the rest of their hysterical and shit..... Creating organisations and shit instead of moving on after month like a male rape victim will....

And i just don't get it.

Infact there are a few women who enjoy rape though.

it's all about your psychology and the strength of your mind.

Men's Gift.

Neither am i saying rape is cool or should be tolerated though.

As much as i believe very abusive(beating victim also) or to whatever extent should punished, i also recommend women to get over it.

They should waste their life agonising over "common rape"(forceful(without consent or mutual agreement) sex, the only forceful......cos its still 'sex').

You don't live forever....your so held in high esteem body will one day rot, your story will fade.....

I speak harshly and point blank.......

but am not wrong ...right?

I only will be concerned about a child(usually homeless or vulnerable) who is a rape victim not adult adult rape.

Side: No.