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Should the Colorado Shooter get the Death Penalty


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In my opinion, if he's insane and beyond rehabilitation, then keeping him in a cage for the rest of his life is more cruel for everyone than simply euthanizing him.

He will be miserable

He fills up the already over-crowded prisons

He will be a burden on taxpayers.

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Liber(1730) Disputed
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In my opinion

Your opinion is based mostly, if not entirely, on extremely biased and, if subjective observation be accepted, ofttimes downright erroneous information provided you by the media.

then keeping him in a cage for the rest of his life is more cruel for everyone than simply euthanizing him.

Who is everyone? Why use the term "euthanize"? The eu- prefix means "good", the killing of another human never is good and, though I would not deny him the right to suicide, would not be euthanasia.

He will be miserable

That cannot be known.

He fills up the already over-crowded prisons

One additional person hardly "fills up" a prison system of well over 2,000,000.

He will be a burden on taxpayers.

Far less so than the billion being wasted keeping pot smokers behind bars. Not to mention the great cost of executing somebody.

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He killed 12 people, those people are gone forever and their families are devastated and they are certain he did it, of course he should be put to death.

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Of course he should, he didn't value anybody else's life. Why should we value his?

The real question should be; "Should those that think the Colorado Shooter shouldn't get the the death penalty be put to death?"

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Two wrongs will not make a right. Killing him will not solve anything. It will only shed more blood.

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A life, no matter how poorly lived, is not something which should be ended, especially not with such casualness. Vengeance truly serves no purpose; to kill one person for killing twelve is a childish act of vengeance, immoral and dangerous. The "Colorado Shooter" is as deserving of his life as is anybody else.

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Allowing the death penalty for anyone, I believe, leads to the slippery slope whereby often it is found we kill the wrong person.

In this case there is no doubt this is the right person. If I believed the death penalty morally justifiable this would be a case where it would be.

But I do not.

1. There is no proof death is better or worse than life in prison... life in general for that matter.

2. I believe we have every right to protect ourselves from danger. This person is dangerous no doubt and needs to be removed from society permanently. We can do this without killing though. Our moral right, I believe, only extends to ensuring our safety, not to vengence no matter how much we may want that vengence.

3. From a financial perspective, killing people is more expensive than life in prison. it is necessarily more expensive because we need to ensure those we are considering putting to death have every opportunity to prove their case or seek mercy. Even with this, as mentioned, we kill the wrong person quite often.

A popular argument is "what if it is someone you know or love who was killed," and I have no doubt that I'd be moved toward violence. That I can understand that reaction and understand I would likely have that reaction, does not make it right. It also does not mean State's should sanction this reaction.

Life in prison with no parole is enough. I do not like the idea of State-sanctioned murder, even less so that it is presented as being on my and the general populartion's behalf.

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