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Should the Government pay for Tuition Fees of Multicultural University students?

Recenlty, Multicultural families have been discriminated severly. Thus, it has made the government think once more of th privilege towards multicultural families. Shoudl the government fight for equal opportunuty of education or the equality of every student?

Yes, the government should

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It is debatable.

In fact this motion actually came out in a tournament called KSMDO (A middle school debat competiton) and it was a very interesting debate.

And, actually what the government shoudl do here is to provide equal opportunities of education. Because Multiculural students are being discriminated(37% multicultural students in Korea), it is just hard for them to afford tuition and have a normal life at schools.

If the government supports them economically, they would have the sense of belongingness and actually be able to participate in proper education.

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vandebater(443) Disputed
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i compete in middle school debate tournaments and I'm telling you thats a stupid topic. my entire debate team would be pissed off. so one sided.

1. foreign students can't get into universities because of their lack of english. not our fault, they should learn. its not fair they get the position over someone who speaks english

2. yes they may be discriminated against doesn't mean we should pay their tuition. where would we get the extra money from

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how is that even debatable? of course not everyones equal so everyone pays.

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kari(57) Disputed
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Read left!


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Of course not. The government should fight against discrimination, but that doesn't happen with giving advantages. That is the same thing as discriminating against non-multicultural students. Then, the government might be perceived as discriminators, and will lower the respect towards the government. Everyone will be discriminated against.

Do you want everyone to be discriminated against or no one to be discriminated against?

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kari(57) Disputed
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Do you want everyone to be discriminated against or no one to be discriminated against?

That question is wrong.

In this society, the minorities(multicultural students) are being descriinated and the reason this policy came up is because there is a problem.

The question should be something like this:

Would you get rid of the equal right to education of minorities, or would you help the minority to be a rightful member of the soceity?

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No. Absolutely not. Why would we pay for other peoples schooling when we, those of which have lived here for generations or may in fact be native to this land, will not benefit from this at all. That's similar to bribing people to come here, so we can in fact buy them tuition. If we paid tuition for everyone that had ever been discriminated against, for example, women, men, people of difference races, cultures, ages, etc., we wouldn't have money to pay for our very own tuition. Why should those of whom have not discriminated these minority groups, pay thousands, in the end, thousands of dollars for someone else' school tuition, especially if their own children may not be able to afford a University level education or even college level education. I, myself and a member of this country, would not be willing to simply give away free money to those that may have been wrongfully acted against, when some day, I may not be able to afford my very own education after secondary school. Let there be donation groups, but never shall we force members of society to give away money to causes that may ultimately never benefit us.

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Positive discrimination is still discrimination.

Wouldn't it be a better idea for the government to subsidise any students whose families can't afford it, and are below a certain level of income? Would be much fairer.

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