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Yes, it's too cold! No, play on!
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Should the Green Bay / 49ers game be postponed due to weather conditions?

The game day temperature for the Green Bay Packer / San Francisco 49ers game is -5 and expected to drop much lower during the course of the game.  Do you think the teams should play in that weather?

"When the San Francisco 49ers set foot on the frozen tundra of Lambeau this Sunday, the weather could set a new record for an NFL game. According to Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, an AccuWeather forecast for the wild-card contest calls for a high temperature of -5 degrees, and a wind chill that could drop to as low as -51 degrees." FULL STORY HERE

Yes, it's too cold!

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No, play on!

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It will be fun to watch............... ON T.V THAT IS!!!!!


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No, the show must go on! While I'm surprised they found 80,000 people willing to pay $100+ to sit on a metal bench in sub-zero temperatures, the players expect and prepare for this weather.

Oh and-- GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nah... fuck it. The second coldest in history was here in Cincy... -9 with the coldest wind chill ever of -59. They'll be fine.

Go Bengals!

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