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yes, get kim jing il out no, no business but their own
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Should the North Korean government be overthrown, and if so by whom?

I have heard north korea called the most repressed country in the world. It is filled with prison camps for its own people, forced labor, wide spred poverty and starvation and public exicutions for people who try to escape North Korea itself or believe in a god other then "the supreme ruler".

yes, get kim jing il out

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no, no business but their own

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Make them a British colony, that will solve all the problems.

Side: Make them a British Colony

Little Kimmy Jo' Il is another Adolf Hitler waiting to happen. He's already starving his people to death... I don't see what's wrong with overthrowing evil as long as you don't kill a stupidly inefficient number of innocent people in the process.

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I think that the North Korean government should absolutely be overthrown. I also think that south Korea or china should do it, they are the one who can literally see the horrible oppression its people go through yet they do nothing. That being said if no one else in going to do it maybe the US should give it another shot. I often hear that the US doesn't help people or country's when it doesn't directly benefit us well would the dismantling of the North Korean government be a selfless act?

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The only way the Us will do anything to North Korea is if it lies within their own strategic interest, and thats exactly why they haven't, you see its numbers game, if the pros outweigh the cons the US will invade. This i the main reason Iran has not been invaded cause they know there would be an absolute worldwide shit storm if they did, and they are trying to repair their image to some degree, also they know it will be a much harder nut to crackn than Iraq, thats why they invaded Iraq and not Iran, it wasn't that Saddam was a bigger danger or any of that bullshit, they knew exactly how dangerous he was (i.e. not danger at all),they calculated that they would lose voer 100,000 american troops in taking the coutnry of Iraq, and that a prolonged guerilla offensive would ensue, therefore they went for Iraq. Thats not to say they won't invade Iraq, all it takes is a Sarah Palin type figure in the whitehouse and the US will be inside Iraq murdering another 1.2 milion people before you can blink, and doing it all in the name of freedom and democracy, and there will be plenty of people jyust like you claiming that it was perfectly legal.

As for China, there exactly the same, they are burgeoning imperialists wating for the tide to turn on the US before they fully bud, but they are quite close allies with the North so thus gthey wouldn't invade.

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I don't beleive any intervention is really in the best interests of the North Korea people, surely at this stage people have realised that another coutnry can't invade another to make it better, there are practically no historical precendents for this.

What would be much better for the Noth Korean people is if the internaitonal community presented a united front in demanding reforms take place, but this isn';t going to happen cause they really don't give a fuck about the Koreans, its all geopolitics and their all just looking out for their own strategic interest.

Side: no, no business but their own