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Should the U.S. government help the persecuted church?

Churches around the world that are persecuted because of their faith/religion

Persecuted= treated harshly or illegally because of their faith/religion


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If illegal persecution and harrassment is occuring in American churches, of course the government would help. However, other countries are on their own.

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No, for US law applies to The United States and not Egypt or Libya or Germany or any other country in the world. If what in America is a law, is not a law in another country, the USA does not have jurisdiction or authority (though they may perceive that, with their military might, they have the authority, but doing so just makes them look like dictators) to interfere with the sovereignty of another nation.

Not only is acting in such a manner in direct violation of the other country's sovereignty, but also, most often, is such an act illegal in the United States at which times the Congress does not declare war, but rather leaves the act of declaring war to the [unconstitutional) discretion of the President.

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We haven't mastered the injustice here at home, we have the funds to fight injustice (especially those related to a particular religious view) in every country where such persecution exists. We are in a recession right now. That money would be better spent repairing our own economy.

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No! The US government needs to do less... a lot less!

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