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Should there be a ban on junk food?


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The government must save these fat fuckers, not just laugh at McDonald's profits from your heart cholesterol being through the roof.

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The problem with banning "junk food" is that there are grey areas and many potential disagreements about what constitutes junk food. Instead of banning "junk food" we should ban weaponized food and food that should be considered unfit for human consumption but which is allowed for the purpose of profit and eugenics. For example, MSG should be banned, anything made by Monsantos should be banned and all the "higher ups" at monsantos should be put in prison, Aspartame should be banned, High fructose diabetes syrup should be banned, specific chemicals, harmful ingredients and corporations should be banned. What should not be banned is "junk food" in general, what we must remove is the poisonous shit designed deliberately to cause disease and food addiction, or just to make food look or taste better at the expense of health like artificial colors, but if someone wants to bake brownies or cookies and not put carcinogens and ebola sauce in it they shouldn't be disallowed from doing so.

Sometimes I look at the ingredients on certain products at the grocery store and I see TITANIUM and ALUMINUM compounds being used as "preservatives" and "anti-caking agents"

Make no mistake, they are deliberately going out of their way to put the worst shit possible in the food as a eugenics operation against the lower classes in order to slowly phase out and kill them off in order to reduce the population.


heavy metals


addictive substances


All of this is being put in your food if you buy the common crap that people buy in the west, it's all in the name of profit and eugenics, and some of it is out of sheer carelessness.

Another thing that should be banned is the unsanitary, inhumane and totally substandard conditions of large scale animal agriculture.

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i think there should be a ban on certain VERY unhealthy foods, they are addictive and can ruin a person's life... some are more addictive than drugs and defenetly more dangerous

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HungryHippo(46) Disputed
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Hi, can you give any examples of which foods should be banned and which shouldn't? For example: chips or candy?

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It is fine to have in moderation although many people eat far too much of it. However, it is important to have a balanced diet and if you took away cheap, easy, junk food, lots of people in poverty would find it hard to get food

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GoodListener(628) Clarified
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This is why they should both subsidise healthy-food-selling stores at the same time as heavily taxing (or banning) junk food.

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According to the guardian, one in six young people in the u.k eat fast foods twice a day. This is because it is convenient and cheap. There are people balancing multiple jobs or working ridiculously long hours to get more money for essential things, these people have no time to even think about cooking! Fast food is a type of junk food, so even though it is not healthy, it can be a vital, easy hot meal.

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Let people do what they want with their own bodies and pay the consequences.

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Hello H:

Nahhh... Cause if they ban it, I'll just sell my fried chicken in front of the 7/Eleven. But, it ain't all crispy and nice.. I gotta threaten other chicken sellers cause they're violating my chicken TURF..

Who knew the chicken business was so dangerous??


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HungryHippo(46) Clarified
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Hi excon, thank you for your comment. Who knew the chicken business was so dangerous? Chickens.

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