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Should under 13s be aloud to go on Facebook ?

Some adults say that children under 13 shouldn't be able to go on Facebook.

Others say they can. 

But what do you think ?

Yes they should

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It can be a valuable tool if used well. It has its dangers, but that's what parents are for - to explain to them what the dangers are and how to avoid them. The internet is one of the safest places for kids to experiment independence in, provided they understand a few very obvious rules and the reasoning behind them.

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I have four points I would like to rebut: The importance of internet, the dangers present, the irrelevance of rules and the parents' oblivion.

Firstly, you claim that the internet is a valuable tool but you have failed to prove this and therefore it is a false statement based on nothing but your biased opinion: This point falls away.

Secondly, you have also claimed that the internet is safe. This is not true because on the internet it is very easy to hide one's identity and many people do, as evident cases like Gary Reed Blankenship, a 55 year old man who convinced younger children to share their information by persuading them and lying to them. These young children are more naive, no matter what their parents tell them, because of their age. This means that the dangers of the internet will find them more easily.

On another minor point, I would just like to say that obeying rules on the internet will not ensure the safety of children. For example, on Facebook there are no rules that force privacy settings etc..

In theory, parents are supposed to explain the dangers of the internet to children but children generally do not tell their parents when they go on the internet, so the parents would be oblivious and not find it necessary to warn the children. Also a lot of these dangers are not obvious, like I proved in my second point.

So because I've proven that the internet is not a valuable tool, there are many hidden dangers on the internet, obeying the internet rules does not ensure safety and lastly that parents are oblivious to what their children do, your entire argument falls away.

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They should lower the age to 10 years old... thats when kids start developing the intelligence to know what right and wrong.

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If they can avoid cyber-bullying and public humiliation, yes they should.

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They should be monitored by their parents, but I do not see why not.

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I think it all depends on the child and the parents. if the parents are constantly monitoring what the child is doing then there is no problem, but the truth is the parents allow them to open accounts and then don't watch what the kids do.

I allowed my child to open one but I am like a hawk and I have her password and I change it on her every 2 weeks just to make sure she is talking to me about going on and what she does. I can be the only one to approve friends for her. She is old enough now to open one.

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While I fully understand the concerns of children being safe, is constantly monitoring them the correct way? Perhaps checking up once in a while and going through things, yes. Reading the comments and conversations they have once in a while, sure. Changing the password every two weeks seems like a tad over excessive, though it is your choice and not mine. Regardless, I feel parents should have a hand in what their children do though a total invasion of privacy is not something I support. Regardless I do believe it depends upon the children and the parents; If the child is known to be bullied in real life then the parent should take more caution with their child and the internet as a whole.

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Forbidden fruit taste sweetest - Facebook is a joke - when there is a will there is a way. Even if the parent spies on home computer - the kid will always outsmart with greater security.

By learning greater computer security to hide stuff from parents will come the eventual realization that putting your personal information online is .... stupid.

Let'em learn on thier own by "banning" kids - that'll teach 'em!

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There are enough problems with people over 13 on Facebook. Should we really expose under 13s to the same problems?

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It all depends.. if the parents let them then whatever. but i wouldnt let my kids go on until they are older and they fully understand the dangerous of facebook.... I dont think kids understand that whatever you post id out on the web forever..

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There is too much cyberbullying and stalkers on that Site.

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