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Should we ban the use of animals in sport and entertainment?


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If we're using nondomesticated animals in like zoos, circus, or pets then I would usually cringe because it's hard to think about what kind of position the animal must be in. Yeah in a domesticated environment it would be a lot safer from all the predators and such but thats what the animal was designed to do. We can't control these animals lives from them like that. I think the biggest factor I feel sorry for them is boredom. If they're out in the wild their mind thinks of hunting, shelter, parenting, and keeps their minds active. But if they're in an enclosed area I wouldn't be surprised if they had depression. After all, there wouldnt be much meaning to their lives then- nothing at stake, no adventure or anything.

However, in animal documentaries it's more for information thant entertainment. I think that's ok because we're essentially promoting them in their natural habitats so no harm no fowl.

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Animals in sport and entertainment. Now tell me if I am wrong. I am quite sure that zoos are mainly for entertainment. Sure the animals do not run and jump through hoops. However they are there for entertainment by viewing them. Even if it is educational. The animals are caged. No matter how big their holding is made. It's never as big as the real thing.

Then we have documentaries. Again , documentaries as much as informative are created for entertainment purposes. Steve Irwin wrestling with alligators. If any the animal killed him not the other way round.

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