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Should we base everything off of South Park?

I find it weird but whenever a South Park episode airs, i agree with what they're saying.  This is mainly because they attack both sides.

**Euthanasia**: You're messing with God when you attatch a dead person to a machine.

**Global Warming**: It may be happening, but the hysteria over it is premature.

**Britney Spears**: The media is what's destroying her (the media destroys everything though).

**Writer's Strike**: Writers don't understand the internetz very well.

**Porn and Children**: Children get horribly screwed up if they look at porn before puberty (usually).

**Sex Education**: In Elementary school, at least, it's wrong.  You never know who the hell is teaching this shit to your 8 year old.

**Teachers with Students**: If a female teacher, no matter how hot, is fucking a 14 year old, it's wrong.  The main problem is that these kids fall madly in love with their teacher and are willing to do ANYTHING for her.  The courts should not be giving some exception just because they're hot.

**Feminazism**: They're based off of a good movement, but seem to always take things too far, usually just making the feminist movement look rediculous.  They're counter-productive.

**Hippies**: Retarded, smelly, dirty, and useless.

**Catholic Church**: Is really bad at stopping pedophilia.

**Religion**: The bible is just stories that help you guide your life and shouldn't be taken literally.

**Anti-Evolution**: They don't understand evolution, obviously.

**Richard Dawkins**: Equates God with a Flying Spaghetti Monster and really shouldn't be in a religious debate.

**Atheists**: Best seen, not heard.  Basically, the have the right idea, but usually just fuck shit up when they start talking (because they can't think philosophically... i know i know, this can be confusing for people like Ledhead who says that Agnostics are Atheists, but we're talking philosophy here, and philosophically, agnostics are not atheists).

**America vs. Terrorism**: Terrorists are bad and must be stopped, but it seems that Americans are constantly paranoid over a terrorist attack that we can't live happily.

**Miracles**: Another example of how rediculous religion can be.

**Programs like DARE**: DARE seems to think that lying about how harmful drugs are will make children do the right thing when the moment comes.

**Tobacco**: Anti-Tobacco movements are Fascist.



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"South Park" is far more clever than it's given credit for. It presents great ideas in a very smart, very accessible manner that the public loves, no matter how left/right a person is. I love "South Park."

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Exactly. I hate it when people try to attack its intelligence by saying it's just a cartoon with a bunch of fart jokes.

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Indeed. I think it's an expression of the "blunt truth" of things in society. As in, the side of reality many people don't want to see or acknowledge or step out of the box to ponder.

However, I personally don't watch the show just because it is cartoonish. They tend to bore me, so I don't prefer it if I can watch something else. Has to do with my hearing loss. But it is funny when I give it a chance.

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If you are going to reference me in a negative manner you really should allow me to defend myself. That's pretty dishonorable.

I'm not sure what you mean by should we base everything off of South Park. I think the show is entertaining and I often agree with the views it presents, but I wouldn't go that far (if I even knew what you meant.)

While the show is fun to watch, it often oversimplifies things and tries to make everything black and white which you have a tendency to do so I am not surprised you think we should "base everything off of" it.

All of your ideologies are based upon categorizing both sides of an issue as extremists and then claiming the "superior" position in the middle. This is really great if you want to act like an elitist prick, but it is kind of intellectually dishonest. I suggest you stop viewing the world through a cartoon and actually experience things for yourself.

And regarding your reference to me:

I'm sorry you can't seem to understand this no matter how I try to explain it so. Atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive. Atheism is about belief, and agnosticism is about knowledge. I have shown you dictionary entries and websites, but you don't seem to understand. All babies are born atheists. They do not believe in a god. They don't even know what the concept of god is. But all atheism is is not believing in a particular god. Atheism in it of itself does not deny the possibility of the existence of god. It makes no reference to this. While there may be some atheists who deny the possibility of the existence of a god, and I have not met any, this is not characteristic of atheism. Just as an example Buddhism is considered to be an atheistic religion. This just means there is no god explicitly stated.

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ThePyg(6743) Disputed
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i actually didn't reference you in a negative manner. I didn't even say you were wrong. I was talking about philosophy. Don't have a bitch fit.

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ledhead818(637) Disputed
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"i know i know, this can be confusing for people like Ledhead who says that Agnostics are Atheists"

Saying I am confused is referencing me in a negative manner. I am talking about philosophy as well as these are philosophical positions. I'm sorry you can't seem to grasp this simple concept that atheism and agnosticism do not even refer to the same thing.

I am not having a "bitch fit" I am responding to your debate. That is usually what you do on a debate website.

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South park is a cartoon, produced for entertainment purposes. It's meant to be funny and outrageous.

I don't actually think we should agree with every viewpoint expressed on South Park. I doubt the writers even agree with everything. It's simply an extreme set of opinions meant to amuse and shock People.

The show has to constantly reach beyond it's own boundaries to continue to amuse. That's the appeal of the show. If they didn't, the show would be cancelled.

For god sakes, they had a rat running around with a penis growing out it's back. They depicted the insertion of food into the anus of an 8 year old boy, and then depicted him vomitting excrement.

Et cetera....

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ThePyg(6743) Disputed
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No, the message behind the show is theirs. They even say so in their interviews. The show is a critique on society, and they do it well.

And the vomiting of excrement was meant to mock atheists. "Or else we all just become Atheists and start spewing crap out our mouths".

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You forgot Mormons!


One of my favorite episodes is the origin of the Mormon Church.

But in answer, no, of course not. South Park exaggerates to make a point, which is successful, but in the end, there's far more gray area than black and white. Also, do you really want people crapping out of their mouths? I thought not.

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ThePyg(6743) Disputed
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actually, that crap out their mouths episode was comparing Atheists (not the Agnostic kind) to people who crap out their mouths.

At the same time, it was attacking the Catholic Church for having a really shitty anti-pedophilia system.

so, if anything, it's the only political show out there that DOES provide a gray area.

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South Park is one of the few shows at tv which through their own type of humor are saying something which today's society is not willing to admit openly due to political correctness and kissing up to someone because of pity guilt. It is also the only tv series that I ever watch on a regular basis.

The reason why I like the show so much is besides it's political incorrectness, it is also a show where no specific group is made fun of, but rather everyone........too many different social groups to list right now. Any show which does not accept either far right (conservative/republican) or far left (liberal/democrat) ideologies is good because it is using common sense and realizing that no group, whether gay or straight, christian/jewish, male/female, white/black, religous/atheist does not deserve either more or less, but rather equal rights.

In my own words, as long as someone does not intimidate me due to some historical injustice that happened to their ancestors, it does not mean that they deserve any more rights. At the same time, it is ok to be somewhat suspicious, but not to the extreme. We ain't living in the barbaric times, at least in the western world.

Side: the most politically-incorrect show ever