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Should we be able to bring handphones to school and how 2 keep it safe???

to ask whether we can bring hps to school and if possible how do we ensure that it is safe...


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we should be able to bring handphones to school..

students should turn off their hand phones during lessons so they will not use their calculator and google etc. in their phone.

they may turn it back on during free periods, recess or after school..

they benefit in many ways as they don't need to wait in line for the telephone booth or borrow their friend's money if they do not have coins...

parents can benefit in this situation too as they can call their children as well..

bringing handphones to school has alot of benefits for parents AND their children..

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School ought to be a place for learning, not for socializing. By allowing children to have phones at school not only do you open up the possibility of them cheating but they will also loose focus of what their teacher is going over.

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Why would you need a hand phone/cell phone at school? If you want to talk to your friends during school hours I'd bet they were in the same school right along with you. Wait until you get a break or during lunch to speak with them.

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