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Should we care about rape in prison?


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Yes, we absolutely should be concerned about rape in prison (I live in the United States) as well as other physical, sexual, and/or psychological abuses of any extreme nature. The United Nations has clear standards on Human Rights Standards that apply inside of Prisons (link can be found here: ) and, needles to say, rape/serial rape does not qualify as reasonable conditions consistent with basic Human Rights standards or human flourishing. From Part V of the UN's Human Rights and Prisons handbook states, "Prisons should be safe environments for all who live and work in them, in other words for prisoners and staff, and for visitors.

No one in a prison should fear for his or her physical safety." Human Rights organizations frequently complain about the severe abuses of US prison systems particularly as well as many prison systems around the world based on this point and much more.

I encourage anyone to read the UN's standards on Human Rights for Prisons and decide for themselves how out-of-line the United States Prison system is in various areas. Also, in the United States, the Eighth Amendment to the US places a restriction on cruel and unusual punishment, as well International Human Rights Law that makes the same restrictions. Rape in prison is going on in mass numbers with common knowledge (e.i. it is highly predictable given the conditions of the prison environment and how it is policed by the guards). Therefore, it clearly qualifies as an abuse under this restriction.

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Amarel(3617) Clarified
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While I agree that we should be concerned about any assault taking place in our prisons, I would like to see you defend this correct position without a giant appeal to authority. Would prison rape be ok if there was no UN?

Also, lacking some data, I see no reason to believe it is happening en mass.

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xMathFanx(1570) Clarified
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@Amarel, Brief Note before main response: Now that I have a bit of a larger sample size of the way you approach problems/questions, I can see that you are more Philosophically inclined/minded, perhaps you have studied it formally or otherwise enjoy it as a hobby (which is all very good). To state my bias/background up front, I formally study science (Mathematics and Physics formally, as well as other branches as a hobby) and this is how my mind first operates when approaching a problem (although I enjoy Philosophy as a hobby as well it is not my "intuitive" way of thinking and have put more time/effort into approaching a problem in that way. Furthermore, Science and Philosophy really are two quite different ways of thinking that overlap for a while and then diverge sharply). I think we butted heads on this a lot in our previous discussion and want to apologize for my part of that in that context (and furthermore concede one of the points you made on the other debate that if I was a bit more patient and "familiar" with you, than I would have realized this). From what I have seen of a few of your other views, I think we are bound to butt heads again in the future however (although I'm glad to see we have some points of overlap).

Now, for this topic, the short answer is yes, I do think that rape/assault/physical/sexual/psychological abuse is a problem irrespective of the laws being in place (laws can potentially be right or wrong). I will have to gather a bit more data and get back to you about how wide spread a problem specifically Prison Rape is (prison abuse generally is very easy to demonstrate) and I will also meet your challenge of attempting to formulate a position that hits the Philosophical basis for my contention that "Yes, we should care about rape in prison" as well as touch base and elaborate on my "pragmatic", "real world" flavor of argument I was making originally (as I think that is of real importance as well).

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Only if you are both heterosexual and incarcerated at the same time.

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