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It IS Trump can do no wrong
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Should we lock up Hillary? Isn't that what banana republics do?


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Trump can do no wrong

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We should lock them both in a fight cage with weapons and see if either of them live. I think they'll both go down in puddles.

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Saying that "Hillary should be locked up" and "Trump can do no wrong" is not the same thing.

Don't be a shitlord.

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excon(8007) Disputed
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Hello again, T:

Yeah.. My English ain't so good..



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TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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Just because you think Hillary should be locked up doesn't mean you support Trump.

That's all I'm saying. It's going to hurt discussion on this topic.

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Apparently running for President is a great way to commit crimes and be untouchable by the law. Steal $150 million? Rob Haiti blind? Collude with the FBI not only in the 1990s but decades later in 2016? That's fine. Why? We aren't a "banana republic"...

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