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Yeah, why not? Hey, waitamin....
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Should we rename this site....

Joe vs Tamisan?

With all the posts from J & T you'd think this was a competition or something!

Yeah, why not?

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Hey, waitamin....

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Am I catching up to you in points yet?

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Not sure. But I think it's more like me trying to catch up to YOU. Although I was in the lead for this competition, you far outscore everyone else on this site! We shouldn't just give you a few books, we should award you a plaque that you can hang on the wall saying "First-class bullshitter." :P

Side: Yeah, why not?

Do you have any pull with the people who would award me the plaque? I have a place for it in my cubicle! ;)

Side: Yeah, why not?

Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyy & Whoreahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Joe's got da well understated!

Side: Yeah, why not?

No! NO!! It should be named Kukla's Gonna Get Ya! You think third is nothing? I'm holdin you guys on my think that's easy? I'm old, I got a bad back, I'm on drugs plus, I'm nuts and I can't even get props! Shyte!

Side: Hey, waitamin....
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Hey wait a minute... Can one of you explain just how points are given?

I am a book monster.

I was shopping today, and all I kept thinking about was getting home and trying for points.

I didn't even catch on to the contest until a few days ago. I am so far behind it would help to know what to do to catch up.

Or can I even catch up at all? i think you two are in the know.

Side: Hey, waitamin....
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How to get more points on CD:

1) Leave responses to more debates.

2) Create more new debates.

3) Get people to post to your debates.

4) Say things that people might vote up.

5) Be nice and vote up others.

6) Start an ongoing argument/debate/discussion with someone.

7) Get more Allies and Enemies.

8) Invite those allies and enemies to debates.

9) Invite newbies to debates.

10) Be opinionated, witty, persuasive, and polite.

Side: Hey, waitamin....

And favor people who you destest because they have more points than you do!

Side: Hey, waitamin....
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My points jumped from 83 to 208. Are those the points in question?

Side: Hey, waitamin.... need to look at efficiency I think.

Side: Hey, waitamin....