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Should we study Shakespeare?

Shakespeare, old, dead man, very respectful and highly educated, iis most famous poet. Everyone knows that he is the one who wrote Romeo&Juliet, Hamlet... In schools, students study him, teachers teach him, actress "play",...he really is famous. However, when you, older ones, went to school, did you enjoy studying him? Although, he is hard to understand-elizabethan language-,I agree that students could understand him, if not completily, only if they tried a bit harder to actually learn and understand it. It is really pathetic and lazy reason not to study him. But to me, students learning Shakespeare is just too much. Let's think about those students who don't want to go to UNI or TAFE. will they ever need elizabethan language in their life? No, I don't think so. I do agree that learning Shakespeare students will get higher eduction, but, do all of them need it? No. Will Shakespeare help them understand love and hate, betrayal and blah, blah, blah? No, students, teens will have to discover them on their own. Shakespeare is a man highly respected, educated, but he is only a man that wrote heaps of poems and plays, but why are we all learning and teaching about him? If we're studying him, why aren't we studying Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Ralph Waldo E.,... and other sooooooo famous poets? Why Shakespeare? He did invent heaps of English words, but what about those who translated other bigger, more popular books, novels, tales...?

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Shakespeare was a literary genius and his works should still be studied in high school today.

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