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Should zoophilia be legal in all states?

If alternate forms of sexuality such has homosexuality are to be permitted, then certainly this should. This debate probably will come down to consent, as would one for pedophilia. I would argue that animals can in fact consent, just like the dog that licks you in certain areas, etc.


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This might be disgusting to the majority of readers here, but it is NOT (inherently) wrong.

Yes, I understand that sex with animals is taboo and irks most people out, but that doesn't make it cruel, or should consider it a crime. A lot of people jump to the first problem that comes to mind as a rationalization why it's wrong. Here is where the arguments fall short and the facts.

The popular one is to compare animals to kids, probably because so many people see and treat their animal companions as kids. Huge problem with that, kids are not sexually mature, whereas all adults and grown animals ARE sexually mature. Likewise, animals hunt, have sex, reproduce, look after their young, and care for themselves in the wild, unlike children.

Intelligence and communication are also a popular argument to make, as if animals don't have any and therefor can not (willfully?) participate. Good luck going up against an increasingly growing wealth of knowledge about the sophistication of animal communication and intelligence. So far our understanding of animal intelligence seems to be limited more by our ability to accurately measure animal intelligence rather then the limit of their cognitive abilities. Regardless, having less or a different kind of knowledge doesn't stop two individuals from enjoying sex. In addition, anyone with a close relationship to a companion animal generally has a good knowledge of how they communicate. Even the densest of people can understand when an animal is excited, scared, or ahem horny.

The last one I'll cover is one that comes out of the disgust factor. The way people describe it, you are almost certain to catch a parasite, disease or germs as soon as you come into sexual contact with an animal. The reality is, a zoophile and his or her animal partner is less at risk then a typical person. Germs are very species specific, so kissing fido is probably safer then kissing your wife/husband. Parasites in animals are easily prevented (or treatable). Again, most diseases are species specific, or aren't passed solely by sex. Finally, no risk of babies. Different species can have sex but aren't able to reproduce.

Bonus argument (or the one people wont admit to): Human exceptionalism. The frame of mind for this one is that we humans are the best species, most advance, most intelligent, so superior and have a god given right. So all other species (despite their ability to feel and have emotions just as we do) are beneath us. In fact, they are not communities or individuals with their own interests, but objects and resources to be exploited. Here in lies the problem, having a sexual partner implies that the two are equals.... and if that partner is a non-human animal, that contradicts our paradigm above.

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terceldude(2) Clarified
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Not disgusting to me, in fact, I am trying to legalize it on! I am a zoophile myself.... I understand that it's wrong by society's standards but only for dumb, irrational reasons..I'll clarify by giving a couple good arguments why it's OK:

1) We eat animals...It doesn't matter when we eat animals if

they are killed in a so-called "moral" way or an "immoral"

way because by eating animals we are still committing


2) Sex shouldn't be for reproduction because we have enough

idiots in this world...We can't afford to pay for more idiots

using up the Earth's resources...Thus, like animals, people

should be spayed and neutered unless having sex with


3) We hunt animals, we use their skin for our clothing, our

furniture, our car interiors, etc. etc..

4) We call animals our pets and we don't treat them with

enough respect, integrity and dignity...

5) We obviously don't care if we excommunicate others, part.

zoos, from our society, only because it makes ourselves

look bigger than what we really are

6) We humans are not better than animals, even if we possess

consciousness..We are still capable of savage behavior,

very common among our ape cousins and ancestors...We

still stalk other people (like animals stalking their prey), we

attack other people (like animals attacking animals)

7) People are animals (we evolved from apes) and, but, we still

possess some form of consciousness that the earlier apes

we evolved from probably did not, that's why evolution

remains a thriving mystical today!

8) Some of us humans are born with tails...Now if we were not

animals, this wouldn't be an existent problem, but it is...So,

and what people would call birth defects on this, that is BS..

Why would something like this be a birth defect, if it were

inadvertently possible..Why would numbers of humans with tails exist if it were just a birth defect??? Huh?? Explain me that...

To those wanting to debate me, please consider how immoral these scenarios are before starting to debate me... Please consider my arguments before composing your own!

Supporting Evidence: Zoosexuality: should it be considered acceptable? (
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stonenlog42(1) Clarified
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I'm trying to find the topic on, a little difficult. Can you provide a link or keyword? Would really appreciate putting my voice out there.

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Well whatever floats someones boat. Doesn't effect me then I really don't care =P

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Who does it hurt, the animal? I have never heard a convincing argument against it.

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Animals cannot consent, therefore, this practice should be banned.

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