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 So lets ask a simple question about Rape pregnancy and abortion... (33)

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So lets ask a simple question about Rape pregnancy and abortion...

Lets says a woman was raped, and got pregnant because Pro abortion supporters never educated her on what to do after a Rape. They seem ok with women thinking that abortion is the only answer to Rapes.
Ask yourself why we hear so little about what women should do after a Rape to prevent conception.

So she did not go to the doctors to prevent conception, got pregnant, and had the baby.

A couple months after it was born, the mother decided the baby brought back too many bad memories of the Rape so she threw the baby into a dumpster. Are you ok with that?

For compassionate rational adults, there is no difference between a baby before or after birth. Therefore, if it is not ok to kill the baby conceived by rape after it is born, why is it ok to kill the baby before it is born? It might be traumatic either way.

We always hear about the trauma of rape and how a pregnancy would be very hard for a mother to deal with. I would agree, it would be a terrible thing. Does that make it ok to kill the innocent baby that had nothing to do with it?

If you say it would be wrong for a traumatized mother to kill her new born, even though the baby is a terrible reminder to the rape, then why is it ok when the baby is still inside the mother? Science says life begins at conception, so therefore there is no difference between that innocent life before and after birth.

These types of questions never get addressed by the Left or Pro Choicer's because the truth flies in the face of their ludicrous rape abortion rhetoric.

If it were my grown daughter who was raped, I would first MAKE SURE she went to the Doctors to prevent conception. If for some reason she could not, I'm sure we would both agree that the baby should live whether adopted out or not. It would be a terrible thing to deal with and I will not judge women who have gone through it.

Both my daughter and I understand that Abortion is also a terrible thing to go through, and the guilt would be worse than having the baby.

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Anyone that uses a rape victim's body, is an accessory after the fact to rape. That is what prolifers are doing. I don't have the right to your wallet? You don't have the right to my body. Forcing rape victims to give birth IS rape.

FromWithin(7739) Disputed
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You have all of a sudden back tracked from all your pro life rhetoric for the past weeks. You are repeating the same exact lunacy as Pro abortion people who tell us to stay out of a woman's body.

Just the other day you were screaming how there are TWO bodies there, not just the mothers. You were 100% correct! You were not saying we had no right to force them to give birth!

What changed? They say the same thing as you. They say no one can force them to have an unwanted baby.

All your pro life talk means nothing when you start making excuses for your particular reasons for an abortion.

That little baby is no less human than any other baby. It was not his fault for being born from a rape.

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No one cares what you think. i love and belong to Jesus, but you professional christians can kiss my ass.

FromWithin(7739) Clarified
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Translation.... YOU don't care what I think!

Just the other day you were thanking me and telling me you had seen the light.

Now when the issue comes back to YOU and and possible sins YOU may have committed, I am once again an idiot and what you call a professional Christian. LOL

Until you come to grips with your past, putting it ALL in God's hands, and no longer trying to excuse your past choices... then you will never get over the past.

You are all over the place! You listen to a good pro life message and you are on fire for Pro life.

Then you listen to Pro abortion rhetoric, and resort back to the world's views.

If you truly are a Christian, you should be focusing on God's wisdom... not mine and not the Left's.

Whatever the issue, ask what God would do.

God says he knows us in the womb. He knows what we will grow up be, regardless who our father was.

God will forgive us for our sins, mine and yours. Give it to him and allow him to heal.

Redeemed(891) Disputed
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Jesus also said to do unto the least of these......................................................................................................................................................................................

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After the baby is born, there are options (adoption, etc) that are not available during pregnancy.

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If the Left truly cares for women, and not just keeping their No Restriction abortion inhumanity legal, they would we doing non stop educational commercials and training sessions to educate women to the very first thing they should do after a rape.

JustIgnoreMe(3584) Clarified Banned
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If the right cares so much about preventing the abortion, where are their non-stop commercials?

Redeemed(891) Disputed
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Plan B can fail, and real men do NOT force rape victims to give birth. .......................................................................

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The scenario you depict is really quite horrific and one which doesn't bear thinking about.

I don't think there is anyone on God's earth, especially a mother, who would glibly discard an infant into a garbage skip.

I know the comparison you'd like everyone to draw from your story-line but I feel the realities of unwanted pregnancies are not as simplistic and uniform as you make out.

Everyone is a distinct individual and shall have different emotions about their involuntary condition and will probably act, or react with uncharacteristically irrationality.

In my opinion the psychical and mental health of the expectant mother should be paramount and take precedence over all other considerations.

In a nutshell, I am strongly of the opinion that only the mother-to-be has the right to decide what happens to her body and sanctimonious, virtue signalling busy-bodies, especially males, should have zero input or influence into the final decision.

Whilst such draconian laws will give their makers a smug sense of ill deserved self-righteousness it will drive countless pregnant females into the hands of ruthless, back street butcher abortionists who carry out terminations in the most primitive and life threatening manner.

Of course the moralizing agony Aunts & Uncles will wash their hands of consequences of their high minded new law.


FromWithin(7739) Disputed
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If you have called yourself pro life, please take it back because you now sound exactly like Left wing pro abortion people.

You just totally ignored the right to life of that innocent baby purely out of convenience of the mother.

My analogy was EXACTLY the same as what you are supporting. The only difference is that you can not visualize the little baby being dismembered inside the womb. You can visualize a baby being thrown in the dumpster and call it horrific.


Please watch the movie Unplanned, and learn something about the abortion trade. They are no better then those back alley abortionists.

Do you think those who fought to end Slavery and the killing of Black people, were sanctimonious, virtue signalling busy-bodies? I'm sick of listening to judgmental people labeling anyone fighting to save innocent lives as being sanctimonious moralists.

You have been brainwashed to not see the truth of what you are supporting. No different then slavery and no different then the holocaust of Jews. Innocent life has inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Redeemed(891) Disputed
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I'm not a liberal, do I have to explain centrism to you?.......................................................................................................

Jody(1356) Disputed
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I asked if your daughter was raped would you force her to give birth even if it was against her wishes?

If it was against her wishes what gives you that right?

BTW abortion lowers crime rates making it a moral good , you would like lower crime rates wouldn’t you?

You may ban me if you wish even though I’ve addressed your question respectfully

Cocopops(345) Clarified
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I have read your opinion on this subject with respect and would comment that you make a strong, heart felt argument.

Your assertions have a lot of merit and everyone, including me should consider them seriously and with an open mind.