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 Socialist Paradise : The Fight For Food In Venezuela (5)

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Socialist Paradise : The Fight For Food In Venezuela

Several people were killed and more than a dozen injured in socialist Venezuela on Thursday after they tried to loot stores for food so they would not starve to death.  In the town of Arapuey looters desperately tried to get food and clashed with the military which resulted in approximately 100 arrests. According to the local press and the opposition party four people were killed and 15 injured after violence erupted over attempts to loot food. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is now supposedly considering allowing food donations from around the world to enter the country but only if his opposition recognizes the legitimacy of the highly controversial National Constituent Assembly (NCA). If he allows food donations to enter the country which he has so far denied Maduro reportedly will want full control of where the food is distributed. "Right now Maduro is desperate because of the food situation. The country is burning up with looting and he understands that the situation could spin out of control," political consultant Esteban Gerbasi said. "If they get control of the food and recognition of the NCA they would go on to control everything. That would be very grave. With those two things Maduro will be in a position to control the Venezuelan people."

More of the Socialist Nirvana taking place !
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4 points

Just send a Delta Team of Leftist Socialist US college professors to Venezuela since they know how to do Socialism right and it’ll be fixed Lickety-Split.

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Send Socialist Bernie first and follow him up with the Socialist Sean Penn and they should be able to straighten out Maduro and his way of Socialism and help the masses.

ChriIsBored(35) Clarified
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Yeah, he'd DEFINATELY help huh. Fight socialism with socialism.

2 points

You mean socialism is really a vehicle to consolidate all the wealth and resources into the hands of 1% or less of the population?

All of a sudden, "abolish private property" doesn't sound like such a nice goal. Oh wait, did it ever really?

2 points

Send any of these commies to China, Venezuala, any of these commie 2nd-3rd world countries and they will be begging to come home where they arn't censored or opressed.

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The innocent looking female in the photograph nanchantly sauntering between the empty shelves has obviously gobbled the stores entire stock of food.

I certainly wouldn't want to be the one having to clean her cage out.

Goodness, she missed two jars of preserves.