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Somebody fucking entertain me

Stop being so boring and stupid and say something interesting.
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1 point

You big boy? Ha, na you're more a female kid's toy,

Lil FuckedMush-Queen, just a doll no sane hirer would employ,

Sent to Earth to 'destroy' himself, not an envoy;

More of a profusely delusional dumb fool gettin' schooled for the real kingpin Gurus like me to enjoy,

You preach a lot, 5-stars for effort, I'll let you rot after you get hurt,

See you're entertainment, I'm real attainment,

Your mistakes are opportunities; mine for the takin'...


Your hopes get shattered, as you grow old 'n' come to know that you don't matter,

My dreams get splattered on reality for I read the code and followed the pattern,

This narcissist is also autistic, and fact is probably every disorder in some way; infinitely twisted,

But as fucked as this bitch is, you can suck his dick, he's a genius and his penis is the only alternative to you gettin' fisted,

You're gonna learn your turn'll come to take the throne but you'll hang that opportunity up like your distant fam and former friends on the phone,

You're all alone, not cursed by Satan, you bred yourself to hate like all are foes you're waitin' to walk in on you talkin' to me, masturbatin' and they grab you by you hair and say 'R. Shannon it's time for some RP, no video-tapin'

While your anus is not-so-painlessly gapin', you play it over and over, cryin' and shakin' until the world's not yours, not mine but no one's for the takin',

Communism isn't your fantasy, it's a means of coping in this sick inverse of a Haven.


GTFO, communist scum.
Lizarrd Disputed
2 points

I'm going to reverse your words line for line

so that we may be compared directly, mind for mind

I'm no "big boy" but you're a big baby who cries and whines

"why you always gotta bully me, why oh why!?"

My oh my,

how quickly time goes by


it wasn't long ago that you were Prodigee the brash and vile

you learned to hide your flaws and ditched your classic style

so go ahead and frame me as a child's

toy, because we all can see your choice of pics reflects your own plastic smile


Hillary and Nicki, two fake grinning whores

but let's have a contest, see who hates living more


when you see just how real I am, hide your pain, hide your flaws

I don't need to hide shit to get employed cause' I'm the boss


But be not mistaken, for I am not here to destroy you

I merely derive joy through

exposing the unalloyed truth

to those who avoid news

that conflicts with their point of view

when they're misguided

like this tyrant

thinking when he annoys dudes

it's the same as winning debates,

I'm about to shit in your face

so sit silent


See, I've met many "kingpin gurus"

they always leave me thinkin' "snooze, snooze"

you've got a king sized pin in your diaper of stinkin' doo doo

I made it across the river of insanity without a paddle, you sink in wu wu

plus your micro penis looks like a shrinking noodle


so entertain me this,

let your center frame be fixed

on the image that I'm about to paint, please listen

to what I say, see it's

pretty lame the way we sit

here and waste each minute

trading disses

instead of probing the great secrets

of this plane of existence

imagine all the trains we've missed

that's why I'm insanely sick

of these dipshits

I came to lift

the veil, but none had eyes to witness

so now you're all made to kiss

my britches

cause' I no longer have the time to stay to get dismissive

responses from those with the brains of fish,

instead I'll go attain my vision

my greatest mistake seems that

I even wasted six seconds debating idiots who haven't obtained a wit

so watch me refrain from it

and chase the opportunities you wank-beats miss


So you can take my mistakes

and on the way, note how my dick tastes

I'll focus on MY opportunities, you bitch skank

you can keep thinking all that shit, I don't give a shit mate

cause' my higher intelligence dictates

my aversion to twit's state-ments


my faith in humanity is shattered

and I know nothing truly matters

so when I'm old I'll be far beyond the depression

but even when you're old and battered

your keyboard will be splattered

from your Nicki Minaj induced masturbation sessions


since you admit to being autistic and narcissistic

I'll admit that I want you split in

half, and to have your carcass dipped in

the shark pit, ripped in

to pieces, so all your parts can get bit-ten

off and ingested, then converted to farts and fish shit


and since you admit to being a bitch

who gets fucked like a frisky little slut, admit you're rhymes just got flipped

you already got dissed hard, like a dick in your butt

don't make me try to find out how many can fit


I'll never join the Illuminati you scallywag land-lover

you sit on a throne of dicks while I stand with my Marxist brothers

now your butt hole is sore sure as sand covers

the shore, I sail the seven sonic frequencies your vocal cords can't utter

your fucking raps sound like an Ariana Grande cover

that was done by your fucking grandmother

Mingiwuwu(1373) Clarified
1 point

There you go, I entertained you by putting you to work.

Mingiwuwu(1373) Disputed
1 point

What's the matter man? Why you sad and you crying?

You need the anger in you to run at me, trying,

I know what it's like I know of the undying rage where every stage of evolution of your persona was a page in a book you feel your worst enemy is writing,

Back as Prodigee I was angry, Hulk was my idol,

Now I owe him an apology, his rage has gone to waste like modern days did the teachings of the Bible,

Oh babe you may feel your recital was more brutal, unbridled and 'raw' but who the hell wants raw meat when beautifully medium-cooked steak is there to chew in and enjoy the juices as they spread on the tongue; viral,

You're gon' learn Bonaparte, you gon' bow before Sun Tzu as his rival and you'll either learn and improve your strategy or unfortunately never grasp when to open that beautiful weapon of words or shut your piehole.


You call Hillary fake, yeah you call Nicki a snake but tell me what's real about an anarcho-communist group founding a tyrannical state?

From USSR through to Cuban Communism afar,

It's always been a fairytale where the ending was a Castro as opposed to a pre-corruption Guevara,

You can spit oh so lividly but your bars hardly limit me,

It's like you're so far up you own arse, you don't even realise in your 'impressive flipping' all you really did was mimic me.


Sharks biting me? I don't see it happening in the long run,

I'm a shark on the table and your type have often come and run on, son,

Poker aside, what is the issue you're mad for? What's the reason you cry so hard, has your past left you that sore?

Poor facty, come here let me hug you silly,

You can hate me, date me, betray and mistake me for Chili,

But I'm beautiful, sweet, I'm the best that there is really,

I will be your best friend or not, it's all up to you and the way that you treat me.

Oooh baby
1 point

You big boy? Ha, na you're more a female kid's toy

Lil FuckedMush-Queen, just a doll no sane hirer would employ

Taylor Swift is a better rapper than Nicki Minaj. Do you deny this?

Mingiwuwu(1373) Clarified
1 point

Yes I do and I have heard her 2 rap songs.