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Somebody fucking entertain me

Stop being so boring and stupid and say something interesting.
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You big boy? Ha, na you're more a female kid's toy,

Lil FuckedMush-Queen, just a doll no sane hirer would employ,

Sent to Earth to 'destroy' himself, not an envoy;

More of a profusely delusional dumb fool gettin' schooled for the real kingpin Gurus like me to enjoy,

You preach a lot, 5-stars for effort, I'll let you rot after you get hurt,

See you're entertainment, I'm real attainment,

Your mistakes are opportunities; mine for the takin'...


Your hopes get shattered, as you grow old 'n' come to know that you don't matter,

My dreams get splattered on reality for I read the code and followed the pattern,

This narcissist is also autistic, and fact is probably every disorder in some way; infinitely twisted,

But as fucked as this bitch is, you can suck his dick, he's a genius and his penis is the only alternative to you gettin' fisted,

You're gonna learn your turn'll come to take the throne but you'll hang that opportunity up like your distant fam and former friends on the phone,

You're all alone, not cursed by Satan, you bred yourself to hate like all are foes you're waitin' to walk in on you talkin' to me, masturbatin' and they grab you by you hair and say 'R. Shannon it's time for some RP, no video-tapin'

While your anus is not-so-painlessly gapin', you play it over and over, cryin' and shakin' until the world's not yours, not mine but no one's for the takin',

Communism isn't your fantasy, it's a means of coping in this sick inverse of a Haven.


GTFO, communist scum.
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You big boy? Ha, na you're more a female kid's toy

Lil FuckedMush-Queen, just a doll no sane hirer would employ

Taylor Swift is a better rapper than Nicki Minaj. Do you deny this?

Mingiwuwu(1481) Clarified
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Yes I do and I have heard her 2 rap songs.