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Sould We Be Allowed to Change Our Names?

Of course!

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Exaggerated example: if my parents were just a holes who hated me and they gave me a dumb name like hotdog, I wouldn't want to be called hotdog my entire life, I'd want to change it to a better name. Just saying.

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Sure.. It's your name...........................


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Of course. And the obvious reason is freedom of choice, but let's also point out the scenarios of:

a) If your parents were complete idiots who made a terrible choice for you. (such as a girl named Kotex, or a boy named Satan)

b) If a distant family member does something horrid which makes your last name stained forever. (Hitler)

c) Going into hiding

d) Gender reassigned

e) Marriage combined names

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excon(7997) Clarified
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Hello G:

What if my name is Tom and I wanna change it to Kotex?


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That is within your rights.

In fact, maybe women will think to insert you into their private places. Pretty clever Tom, er I mean Kotex.

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Why wouldn't you be able to change your name? It is yours after all.

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absolutely, for so many reasons omg, besides its YOUR NAME you should be able to choose or change it if you feel like its needed and trust me when i say some people do.

bye =)

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Do you see the consequences of many people changing names from time to time just because they're bored with it? but I do believe that a name can be changed only once for a particular person, so as to respect his/her freedom..

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