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Spartacus is a dirty debator

He is one that will not only ban you for disagreeing with him. But wipp ban you than keep arguing on you're argument so you can't debate back. 

Their a troll and their nothing but a troll. They have many accounts as they have proven on their own debates. 

Ban this asshole!!!


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As a debater who values free speech I disagree with pretty much all banning. To me the only valid reasons to ban would be for safety, such as if vulnerable personal information was being posted against their will, or if viable threats of violence and harm were demonstrated. Pretty much none of the bans on this site are for those reasons. They're just weak debaters using the ban feature to lob their stink bombs and then dodge any blowback. In that regard Spartacus would be a dirty debater.

I suspect, however, that Spartacus is just another avatar of the Hydra from site members such as FromWithin, SaintNow, etc.

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As a debater who values free speech I disagree with pretty much all banning.

The far right works purposefully and diligently to have those posters it considers a threat banned. Believe me, because I speak from much personal experience. They use every dirty tactic in the book once they identify you as being on the left. Usually they begin by parading your threads and stalking your comments endlessly to wind you up. When you get sufficiently wound up and begin cursing them, this is when they send in abuse reports to the admin.

You should wise up and stop believing sitting on the fence is going to solve anything.

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Grenache(6104) Disputed
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Well here's the problem. I truly believe in keeping the open mind, being moderate and independent, hearing everything out and then making the best decision. To go liberal simply for the convience of making the war with the right easier isn't in my makeup. In fact I don't think this polarization in politics and rhetoric can ever work anyway. The only way we're ever going to move forward is when sensible minds somewhere in the middle and capable of compromise and balance can prevail.

Honestly, what fascinates me the most on sites like this is how BOTH the right and the left go out of their way to assault the middle. The only way you're ever going to get your ranks to grow is to persuade people in the middle that your way is better. None of the behavior from either extreme is ever going to achieve that. You're just angry cranks with different sets of blinders on.

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I've just been reading that thread. He banned you for upvoting your own arguments, not for disagreeing with him.

You sir are a liar.

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NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
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I am a liar lmao. I am not a liar. Never have lied on this site but once and I told everyone I lied on a debate I made. Says the one with a thousand account. You have no life if you keep track of so many accounts. I debate and make valid points. I was banned for disagreeing along with everyone else who was banned. Be a fromwithin you dumb fuck. No one will lile you ever. You complain about being ganged up on by math but you yourself are the one ganging up on others. You are a hypocritical liberal.

Unlike you I don't ban for anyone disagreeing with me. I ban trolls like you.

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Also, it's: "They're a troll".

If you are going to troll this website like a 5 year old, might I suggest you improve your vocabulary first?

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NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
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I have never trolled this site. I fuck with the newer members but I do not troll. I have never trolled this site. I tell it how it is and it offends people like you and I get banned for it.

How does it feel to not be able to reply back? Really how does it feel. O that's right you can not answer that. LMAO Pay back is a bitch. You are now on my auto ban list.

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