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Steve Bannon calls Trump Tower Russian meeting ‘treasonous’ in new book

Ok Trumpsters - Better cinch up your girdles, you're about to be forced to confront reality.  Trump is going down in flames and he's taking the Republican party with him.
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So you throw treason around when Obama was shortening sentences of those who betrayed this country and leaking classified if not top secret documents? Manning was caught leaking American military and diplomatic information to wikileaks. He was charged with 35 years but Obama commuted their sentence or made it shorter. Than another criminal who was charged for editious conspiracy, attempted robbery, explosives and vehicle theft and sentenced for 55 years,Obama shortened the sentence to 36 years.

Do not even get me started on Hillary using her personal server for top secret, confidential and secret documents. That is treason all in itself. Than you got Benghazi which killed a few Americans.

What I am saying is their is more things that Hillary and Obama have done than Trump has done.

NathanAllen! Be yourself and let no one tell you otherwise!

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Proud Trump supporter and an American fighting war lord!

Rusticus(1608) Disputed
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What-about-ism isn't going to help you because this has nothing to do with Hillary or Obama or anyone other than Trump and his treasonous family.

Deflect all you want, reality is about to bite you in the ass.

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I really do think we should take everything that Poxy prat Bannon says with a grain of salt.

Rusticus(1608) Disputed
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If it's true that ignorance is bliss you're truly blissful.

mrcatsam(558) Clarified
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I am, aren't I? I'm very proud of my blissful ness.studies show that people who are stressed live shorter lives than blissful people. If that's the case, have a nice short life!