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 Still waiting! Please explain how voting for a KKK member is ok. Not a one issue voter? (3)

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Still waiting! Please explain how voting for a KKK member is ok. Not a one issue voter?

I never get an honest answer from the millions of American people, who claim to be against unrestricted late term abortions, yet still vote for politicians keeping it legal.

One more time, is it ok to vote for a KKK member who openly admits he is a racist and supporter of slavery? Would you buy into ludicrous reasoning from people saying they are not one issue voters?
If the KKK member was aligned with you on most other issues, would you overlook his support of slavery?

I agree, that dog don't hunt.

The next time you vote for a politician who openly supports No Restriction abortions up to birth, tell us all again how you are not a one issue voter. Tell us again how you are personally against aborting viable babies for any reason, but look the other way in the voting booth.

Some issues supersede all else! Are you so dead inside not to see your own culpability?
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Libs aren't interested in morals, etc. It's a mask. Their goal is Communism. They use social issues to mask their fiscal and tyranical agenda. Make no mistake about it, all accusations they have made against Trump would be ignored twice over if he implemented the welfare state controlled by omnipotent big brother.

You are correct of course. I just like showing what fake hypocrites they are.

Who knows, maybe there are a few of them with the character to look within themselves. That is my hope, but without the wisdom of God, it seems a slim hope.

So tell me, if you are personally against unrestricted late term abortions, why do you keep it legal?

You must obviously believe that a viable baby has a right to life, yet you keep voting in politicians who are bought and paid for by radical feminist abortion groups.

Are you so shallow to not take a stand for those innocent viable lives? Do they mean that little to you? Sadly the answer is yes.

It's called being a complete phony!