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Students are too attached to electronic gadgets

I want more arguments on the negative side if possible


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Of course they are attached to electronics! I see everybody attached to there Ipod or there phone. They are addicted to it and they can't go 1 day without having it. Its like they are consumed with it. I don't have an Ipod I am satasafied with the CD/MP3 and I don't have a phone and I am surviving. I know a family who doesn't have a TV, computer, or a phone in there own house. The only phone that is in my house is my dad and moms cell phones thats it. I don't need an Ipod because I will only use it for music and I am not going to use the apps on the touch. I might get one in the future when the prices go down but that will be awhile. I can live without a screen and be happy. Plus the more you are into a screen the more your eyes will get damaged and get glasses

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Yup, from personal experience, I would say so! WE rely on them for nearly EVERYTHING

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Have you ever met a kid who doesn't have at least one internet account, knows how to use basic Internet services, or has an email? This is the Communication Generation... we've never had to deal with anything other than instant connection through cells, computers, iPods, etc.

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As a general statement with acknowledged exceptions, I would have to concur that students do tend to be dependent to technology, and especially their electronic gadgets.

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It's the sign of the times. Students are going to be attracted to electronic gadgets and if they want to fit in with the crowd, they are going to ask their parents to provide them with those wanted gadgets.

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Not at all. I get quite irritated when you see 30 and 40 something year olds rambling on about how "kids don't go out these days, instead they sit on their arses playing with those stupid computers." I'm starting to think it is just pure ignorance and jealousy because they didn't have them when they were growing up. Like it or not, this day in age the world relies on electronics and advancing technology, so why the hell would we want all the kids to go do something as unproductive as sitting in a field chewing a piece of grass all day? I would much rather have my kids (not that I have any yet) using electronics frequently so to prepare them for the world around them; one fulled by electronics.

Sure, I would still want my kids to go play outside frequently as well, but that's because I wouldn't want them turning into fat, unsociable slobs.

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