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Students should be allowed to BRING their handphones to school.

Many schools allow their students to bring their handphones to school, but some do not. I'm finding out the publics response to this because some schools claim that just by bringing handphones to school , without using it, is a distraction to other students. And since we live in such a digital age, should young Singaporeans be allowed to bring their handphones to school?

Students SHOULD be allowed.

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Students SHOULD NOT be allowed

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It is perfectly fine to allow students to bring phones to school with them provided that they not abuse that privilege by using said phones at inappropriate times. The problem that comes about is that quite a few students do not actually use the phones when permitted/ when acceptable and instead choose to use them during classwork/ lectures and so on.

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When I was in school I did bring my own and they let me use them when the time to use them was appropriate.

| Side: Students SHOULD be allowed.

We bring our phones, hand them, in go to classes and get them back at the end of the day

| Side: Students SHOULD be allowed.
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yah, i agree hahahahahhahahahahhahaha

yayaya bisa jadi bisa jadi can be can be

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In school students are meant to focus and concentrate on learning.Bringing hand phones would only distract the students from their learning. Examples would be secretly messaging in class while the teacher is speaking, this would make them loose their focus. I would like to agree with the topic.

| Side: Students SHOULD NOT be allowed
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In my opinion, the students should not be allowed to bring mobiles to school as it will distract them a great deal from their studies. Also, it will disturb their teachers and other people around them. It will not only cause indiscipline but also indifference. If the students are allowed to bring mobiles to school, they will lose their interest in their surroundings and the only thing they will be interested in would be to show and tell others about their mobiles which is not at all good for the unity and equality of students as some of them will feel inferior to others who could bring latest and expensive mobiles to school. This will create a rich-poor and inferior –superior kind of atmosphere in school.

Moreover, mobile phones are not good for our health as the excessive use of these can cause headache, dizziness and even cancer. So, in a place like school where people of all age groups are present, allowing mobile phones cannot be considered as a wise step.

| Side: Students SHOULD NOT be allowed
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